Raid on 36 Gloucester St Lower on 21 Nov 1920.

Hours before the Bloody Sunday deaths of the British officers, a raid yielded top level IRA men.

1920 Nov 21. At   01.30 hrs. A raid was carried out at 36 Gloucester Street  Lower, the house of J.Fitzpatrick , an Auctioneers Assistant from Dublin. In the house were

A report by Capt W L King said that the search was carried out by Officers, T/Cadets, Armoured Car, Searchlight. A large quantity of military clothing, 3 swords, military equipment, 2 batt. books with addresses. Black leather dispatch case, sheet of brass, 1 pair of civilian trousers, letter wallet, boxes containing candles, 1 hand press, wallet containing stamps, Cheque book signed, one raincoat. R.McKEE, P.CLANCY, J FITZPATRICK were arrested.; R.McKee - P.Clancy were transferred to Coy. Guard Room. J.Fitzpatrick was transferred to Beggers Bush Bks. The sum of £25-10.0 in Bank of Ireland notes to the amount of £ 25.0.0. and 10 shilling in English notes was found in map case during search of articles in Coy. Orderly Room 21.11.20