Bloody Sunday - The ADRIC role on 21 Nov 1920

This is not a reprise of Bloody Sunday, it it just to cover ADRIC involvement.

A group of 17 ADRIC cadets left Beggars Bush Barracks in civilian dress. As they passed Mount Street they heard shouts that alerted them to the mayhem taking place inside the house. The ADRIC men were under the command of T Mitchell, who was awarded the Constabulary Medal for his bravery here - Mitchel was a DI3 at that time

One of the ADRIC testified that he shot Teeling

Two of this group of ADRIC were murdered soon afterwards as they tried to return to barracks for help - F Garniss and C A Morris. They were both in L Coy, and the implication is that the group of 17 were from L Coy.