Ernie O'Malley Arrested - 9 Dec 1920

1920 Dec 9. Ernie O'Malley was captured by British Auxiliaries in Inistioge, Co Kilkenny. He had been planning an assault on Woodstock House, but his capture was accidental. The British never found out how important he was, and he escaped eventually in Feb 1921 from a Dublin jail. O'Malley was only held one night in Woodstock House by the Auxiliaries before being sent on to Kilkenny jail the next day.

During his brief stay at Woodstock, O'Malley was court-martialed and severely beaten. He was later told that in was only because Brigadier General Wood had intervened that he was not shot on the spot. O'Malley's article in "On another man's wound" does not make it clear, but Wood appears to have been the head of the court-martial court. I would have to assume that he had been summoned from Dublin after O'Malley's capture - the British did not know who O'Malley was, but knew he was important.

He is "Bernard Stewart" in the Raid Report

On the raid were 1 Platoon Commander, 1 Intelligence Officer, 1 Section Leader and 8 Cadets. The names listed and known are. Both Scoffield and Clancy were with N Coy and must have been attached to A Coy prior to N Coy being deployed later