Cyril Francis Fleming


Cyril Francis Fleming was born on 26 March 1875, in Fermoy, County Cork, the son of Thomas Fleming and Frances E. Cronyn.

He married in Dublin in 1900 to Helen Gertrude Lowry. They divorced in 1921, a George Smithwick was named as co-respondent in the divorce petition filed by Cyril.

1896 Jul 22. Cyril was appointed a Cadet in the Royal Irish Constabulary (London Gazette 24 July 1896). He was a District Inspector of the Royal Irish Constabulary and later a County Inspector (a senior position in the RIC)

1916 July 13 ...was another “light” day with but seven men wounded. Second Lieutenant G. V. Williams joined from the base and Major C. F. Fleming went sick on the 14th. The sector being rather too active and noisy of nights just then, a patrol under Lieutenant J. N. Marshall went out to see what the enemy might intend in the way of digging a sap across “No Man’s Land.”

1919. In December 1919 Major Cyril Francis Fleming was appointed to organise the recruitment drive for the RIC. Fleming set up an office in London, based in New Scotland Yard. He recruited both for the so called Black & Tans, and for the Auxiliaries

The first of these recruits for the Black & Tans joined the RIC in January 1920 and after a ‘four week training course’ they were allocated to stations around Ireland.

The first Auxiliaries arrived in July 1920. Each new Company, in theory, got 6 weeks training before being operationally deployed. After that, men joining an existing company would only spend a few days in Beggars Bush Depot, before going on to their allotted Company

1921 Divorce. Helen and Cyril were divorced in 1921. In the 1911 census, Gertrude is a visitor at the home of Louisa Smithwick. Also at the house at that time were Louisa's children of a similar age to Helen, George Smithwick and Louisa Smithwick. In 1921, George was named as co-respondent in the divorce petition filed by Cyril.

1926 Married Bridget Eblana Harriet Tremayne

1957 Sep 28. He died in 1957 in Truro, Cornwall