Francis Jackson


1883 Aug 29. . Born The Manse, Ballycastle, Co Antrim

1908 Aug 4 Joined the RIC as a Cadet and appointed a District Inspector DI3 on 15 Sep 1908

1911 Census in Clare as a District Inspector

1908 Sep 25 3rd DI

1910 Feb 3 Promoted DI2

1913 Sep 13. Favourable Record for Courage during strike riots in Sligo

1914 Oct 28. Commissioned Capt in 6th R Irish Fusiliers. He was a DI2 by now

1915 Aug 6 Landed in Gallipoli

1915 Aug 9. Wounded at Suvla Bay

1916 Jun 2. GSO 3 in Military Intelligence

1919 Feb 28 Leaves MI

1919 Mar 31 Leaves Army

1915 Aug 9 Wounded

1919 Apr 4. Demobbed

1919 Mar 31. Re-joined RIC

1919 Marriage

1919 Jul 1 Promoted DI1.

1919. In December 1919 Major Cyril Francis Fleming was appointed to organise the recruitment drive for the RIC. Fleming set up an office in London, based in New Scotland Yard. He recruited both for the so called Black & Tans, and for the Auxiliaries The first of these recruits for the Black & Tans joined the RIC in January 1920 and after a ‘four week training course’ they were allocated to stations around Ireland. The first Auxiliaries arrived in July 1920. Each new Company, in theory, got 6 weeks training before being operationally deployed. After that, men joining an existing company would only spend a few days in Beggars Bush Depot, before going on to their allotted Company

The majority were recruited in Scotland Yard Head Quarters, London by Major Cyril Francis Fleming, County Inspector, RIC and Captain Francis Jackson, District Inspector, RIC.

1920 Dec 9. Unfavourable record for drunkeness

1921 May 31 Pensioned from RIC

1924 Oct 1. Irish Times report. Captain F. Jackson former officer of the 6th Royal Irish Fusiliers was washed overboard and drowned in the Bay of Biscay during a fierce storm. This gallant officer was on his way to Cairo Egypt to take up an important teaching appointment. He was the son of the Rev. J Jackson D.D. Ballycastle where he was born. He joined the R.I.C. and was appointed Third Class District Inspector 15th September 1908, Second Class 3rd February 1910 and First Class 1st July 1919. When war broke out he joined 6th Battalion Princess Victoria Royal Irish Fusiliers, saw much service and was wounded at the Dardanelles. After the war he rejoined the R.I.C. and was for a number of years attached to the Depot Dublin and also in Galway. After disbandment of the R.I.C. Captain Jackson took up teaching for which he was eminently suitable.  

CF Fleming