ADRIC at Listowel


References to Listowel

1920 Nov 1. Search at Athea

1921 Mar 12. The train from Listowel to Tralee was ambushed by the IRA at 8.45. Falkiner and another Cadet E Lomas, were on the footplate. The Irish train drivers were refusing to move trains with uniformed troops and it is likely here that the driver and fireman had been forced to take the train out, with Falkiner and Lomas making sure that the train crew stayed on the job. The ambush took place at Tubrid Railway Station, County Kerry. The Limerick train was attacked by a group of IRA men with a machine gun. The train continued to Tralee in spite of the fact that the engine driver was seriously wounded. I suspect that very few IRA men were involved in this attack, very little appears in the memoirs of local IRA men, other than a couple of lines saying that there was an ambush and one Cadet was killed.