Lissonfield House

Lissonfield house was beside Portobello Barracks, and was used to house Auxiliaries

My parents lived in Lissonfield House, Rathmines, from 1922 to 1966. This old rambling house with its spacious grounds was contiguous to Portobello Barracks as it was then known. It was there that I and my five siblings were reared. In my Richard Mulcahy (1886-1971)—A Family Memoir I have given separate chapters to the three families, the most detailed account being about our lives in Lissonfield during the twenties, thirties and forties. Curiously, as far as I can gather from the comments of readers, the story of our lives in Lissonfield appears to have evoked more interest than the overtly political material. Perhaps more needs to be written about the social history of Ireland between the two great wars.