Lt Charles Bernard Alexander MC, 5th Res Cavalry

1892 June Born Cheltenham

1901 census at Vicarage, St James Terrace, York

1910 Nov 11. Arrives in Canada from UK and joins NW Mounted Police

1914 Oct 6. Gazetted 2nd Lt. Cavalry. Charles Bernard Alexander

1916 Mar 23 Landed in France

1920 Jun 2. The undermentioned appts. are made: — Special Appointment. Cl. II.— Temp. Lt. C. B. Alexander, M.C., Serv. Bn., Arg. & Suth'd Highrs,

1920 Dec 29 Joined ADRIC with service no 1365 . Posted to B Coy Has Intelligence as a special qualification

1921 Mar 7 Posted to J Coy

1921 Mar 26 Suspended from this date

1921 Mar 26. Fined £5 by Coy Commander

1921 Jul 11. Dismissed the Force and fined another £5 by Coy Commander

1922 Sep 9. Married in toronto to Joan Elizabeth Coyzer. He is in RCMP

1927 Aug 6. Arrives in UK with wife Joan E Alexander (she is Canadian born). He is a Canadian Customs Inspector . UK address The Vicarage, Clifton, York. Their permanent address is in Toronto, Canada

1936 Jan 23. Died at Toronto age 43. He died of multiple neuritis and cardiac failure. He is a Customs inspector