Arthur Anderton, MC

1886 Jan 10. Born Lancashire.

1891 census . It is difficult to be certain, but this appears to be our man at Oak Villa, Park Road, Eccleston, St Helens

1901 census at 148, Duke Street, Southport (the father and mother are still there in 1911 census)

1911 census at Snedale Morker Ripon as a "farm pupil"

He enlists in Brands Free State Rifles, a South African unit, which implies he was in South Africa when he enlisted

1916 Sep 2. RFA. West Lancashire Divisional Ammunition Column. — Cadet Arthur Anderton to be 2nd Lt. (on prob.).

1916 Nov 27. RFA. The undermentioned to be acting Majors whilst comdg. Batts.: Lt. (acting Capt.) A. Anderton, M.C.

1916 Feb 26. RFA. To be temp Capt. 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) A. Anderton.

1917 Jul/Sep in Ormskirk Artheur Anderton marries Helen Johnson

1918 Sep 16. MC citation. Lt. Arthur Anderton, R.F.A. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer was left behind in charge of the ammunition dump when the section evacuated its lines. All the morning the area was subjected to intense bombardment, and at mid-day the dump was set on fire. He immediately set to work and got it extinguished. Half-an-hour later it was again set on fire, and he was blown into a ditch by a shell explosion. In spite of his efforts the fire got such a hold that the dump finally blew up.

1920 Jun 25. The undermentioned temp, appts. are made: — Special Appt., Cl. II. — Lt. A. Anderton, M.C., R.H. and R.F.A., T.F.

1920 Nov 20 . The undermentioned relinquish their temp, appts.: — Spec. Appts., Cl. II.—Lt. A. Anderton, M.C., R.H. & R.F.A., T.F.

1920 Dec 1. Lt. A. Anderton, M.C., resigns his commission, and retains the rank of Lt

1920 Nov 29. Joined ADRIC with service no 1112

1920 Dec 11. In K Company when the burning of Cork and the grenade attack on K Coy tender took place at Dillons Cross He was wounded. Admitted to hospital. Got £350 compensation

1921 Apr . On medical leave till this date.

1921 Mar 26 Posted to Depot

1921 Apr 2. Posted to I Coy

1921 Aug 9. Re-engaged

1922 Jan 18 Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1928 J 77/2572/1 Helen Anderton sues Arthur Anderton for divorce

1939 Register. Living at 6 Troy Road , Croydon C.B., Surrey. He is a clerical officer, customs and excise

1973 Apr/Jun Died Shardlow (correct dob to the day) This district is mainly in Derbyshire