Richard Albert Attfield QSA, MGC and Somerset LI

1880 May 28. Born London (from Canadian enlistment & RIC). He certainly was not born with the name Richard Albert Attfield. The most likely option is William Richard Attfield born 1881 in Islington. His age on census of 10 months gels with 1881 census date of 3 Apr 1881 and 28 May 1880 birth. And is in the area of the 1901 census claim of Camden Town.

1891 census - not to be found

1901 census at : New Cross, Kingsbury Episcopi, West Lambrook, Somerset

1902 Mar 24    Enlisted as a Trooper 37016 in 2 Scottish Horse. The Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Transvaal, South Africa 1902

1902  Aug 6.      Discharged medically unfit.

1906 This appears to be him at Yeovil County Courtas the adopted son of John T Hebditch (see 1901 census)

1908 Oct 21. Arrives in New York from UK. He is a "farmer" intending to settle in USA.

1915 Jan 11. Enlists in Canadian Expeditionary Force. He is not married, has previously served in Scottish Horse. He gives his next of kin as an aunt, Mrs Doppin Happinstone in British Columbia

1915 Jun 4 Married

1915 Jul 24. The undermentioned to be Second Lieutenants (on probation). —Richard Albert Attfield, 3rd Battalion, Somersetshire Light Infantry.

1916 Mar 13. The undermentioned are seed, for duty with Machine Gun Corps: Som. L.I.—2nd Lt. (on prob.) R. A. Attfield. .

1916 Nov 14. Landed in Mesopotamia

1917 Jul 1. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.: — Som. L.I.- R. A. Attfield, and to remain seed


1918 Nov 9. Lt. R. A. Attfield (Som. L.I., Spec. Res.) ceases to be empld. with the Machine Gun Corps.

1920 Mar 25. The undermentioned resign their commns. 3rd Som L I .—Lt. R. A. Attfield, and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Oct 7. Joined ADRIC with service no 720 . Posted to G Coy

1921 Jan 17. Re-engaged for a further 6 months

1921 Jul 2. Moved to Depot as Platoon Commander

1921 Sep 22. Moved to RIC as a permanent cadet

1922 May 26. Discharged at disbanding of RIC

Moved to Royal Ulster Special Constabulary

1937 Oct Offers his services

1939 Register. At Hornsey Central Hospital Park Road , Hornsey. A retired pensioned officer. Married

1962 Jul 11. Died Plymouth, Devon