Hedley Albert Balls

1891 Apr 2. Born Lowestoft, Suffolk living with family at 33 London Rd South, Lowestoft. 3 days old

1901 census living with parents at London Rd South, Lowestoft, Suffolk

1901 census balls

1911 census living at Wellington Street Newmarket


1916 Nov 22. Bedf. R. Cadet Hedley Albert Balls to be temp. 2nd Lt. (on prob.) (attached.). The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts., from attached, transferred to Serv. Bns

1917 Nov 26. 6th Battalion Bedfordshire Regt War Diary gives Battn. have baths and clean up. No work done...2nd Lt.H.A.Balls [Hedley Albert BALLS] report for duty.

1918 May 22. Machine Gun Corps. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts.: H. A. Balls.

1920 Mar 7. Tank Corps. Temp. Lt. H. A. Balls relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Jan/Mar Married Millicent Blower in Lancashire

1920 Aug 20. joins ADRIC with service no 281. Posted to J Coy

1920 Dec 5 T/ Cadet Hedley A. Balls RIC number 72875 was shot and fatally wounded while engaged during a house search in Sandymount Avenue, Dublin by a James Byrne. His death is registered in Irish GRO as Oct/Dec 1920. He is commemorated on the plaque in Macroom Church put up by J Coy. All the others on the plaque are C or J Coy, so I assume he was with one of these companies when shot

Compensation of £2200 paid to his widow

He was buried in Lowestoft. His funeral was attend by Cadets Pratt & Powell of J Coy, which perhaps sows he was with J Coy

The shooting of Howley the same day (I have read the Inquiry report) shows clearly he was shot by a regular police patrol, and this was nothing to do with ADRIC. Joseph Howley was a member of the Irish Volunteers in Galway. He was shot dead by British Forces at the Broadstone Railway Station in Dublin, Ireland, on December 4, 1920.