William Thomas Barnes DFC

1894 Mar 10. Born at Sutton, Surrey.

1901 census

1901 census. Living with his father, a Print Labourer, at 12 Collingwood, Sutton, Surrey

1911 census BArnes

1911 census living in St Pancras, St Frances House. He is working as a "House boy" in a boy's home.

1912 Nov 4. Attested Royal Fusiliers

1913 Feb 14. Posted to 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers

1913 Dec 1. Appointed L/Cpl

1914 Jun 19. Appointed Cpl

1914 Sep 7. Landed in France. St Nazarre

1915 Mar 11. Wounded - gun shot wound to the thigh. Hospitalised

1915 Mar 27 Returns to UK

1915 Jun 1. Appointed Acting Sgt

1915 Nov 26. Returns to France and re-joins 1st battalion

1916 Aug 20. Wounded on duty

1916 Aug 21. Promoted Sergeant

1917 Jun 10 Royal Fusiliers, 24th Battalion. The undermentioned Wt. and N.C.O.s to be 2nd Lts. for service in the Field: Serjt. William Thomas Barnes.

1918 Aug 1. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. (late Gen. List, R.F.C., on prob are confirmed in their rank as 2nd Lts. (Observer Officers):W. T. Barnes (2nd Lt., R. Fus.).

1918 Aug 15. He reported for observer duty in the Bristol Fighters of 11 Squadron. He served as an observer/gunner in Bristol F.2 Fighters, gaining , in conjunction with his pilots, nine confirmed aerial victories ( 6 destroyed, 3 out of control' ) over German Fokker D.VII fighter planes.

1918 Aug 22. He scored his first aerial victory at 07.40, destroying a Fokker D.VII over Bapaume.

1918 Aug 29. He drove another Fokker down out of control over Bourlon Wood.

1918 Aug 30. Barnes survived anti-aircraft fire that severely damaged Bristol Fighter serial number D7981

1918 Sep 4. Fokker D.VII, set aflame in flight

1918 Sep 16. 2 more Fokker D.VII destroyed

1918 Sep 17. 1 more Fokker D.VII destroyed

1918 Oct 1. Gazetted 1919 Feb 8. DFC. 2nd Lt. William Thomas Barnes. (France) A skilful and gallant observer. On 1st October, during an important reconnaissance, this officer's machine was attacked by six or seven Fokkers; after scattering them he saw an enemy aeroplane attacking one of our machines; he at once engaged it, shooting it down in flames. Shortly afterwards lie shot down another enemy machine out of^control. These two victims were south of Le Cateau, and were within five minutes of each other

1918 Oct 3. His final victory was another out of control, northeast of Cambrai.

1918 Dec 10. Royal Fus.The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.:W. T. Barnes. He ended the war with 9 victories

1920 Jan 27. Royal Fusiliers. Lt. W. T. Barnes, D.F.C., retires, receiving a gratuity of £300. Ill health is the reason given in London Gazette.

1920 Aug 18. joined the ADRIC with RIC no 72849, ADRIC no 269.Home address: 47 Glebe Road, Sutton, Surrey. Posted to C Coy

1920 Oct 3. Promoted Section Leader

1920 Nov 28. Died in Kilmichael Ambush

Buried at Bexhill Churchyard, Sutton.

1924 Mar. Selected for re-mobilisation. On his Army file