Eric Booth


There is not much information here with no regiment, but the age rules out one of the two on WO338 (Eric in MGC) . However it could be Eric Walter Booth (who only gets to 2nd Lt) or Eric Booth in RAF who was born 05 October 1891and this is the most likely man, and the data below is about him

1891 Oct 5 Born Gorton, Lancashire, England

1891 Nov 15. Baptised at St James, Gorton, Lancs. Eric Booth - [Child] of John Thomas Booth & Hannah Julia     Born: 5 Oct 1891     Abode: Gorton Occupation: Fitter     Baptised by: John Appleyard Curate

1901 census 95, Cross Lane, Gorton

1911 census at G C Station House, Retford, Notts

1914 Oct 8. Enlisted in Army

1918 May 29 Transferred to RAF

1919 Mar 25. Commissioned in RAF on discharge

1918 Nov 16 Flight Cadet

1921 Feb 16 Joined ADRIC with service no1743 . Posted to (appears to be) E Coy

1922 Jan 19 Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Nov 26 Married to Marjorie Mary Barker at John the Baptist Church, Harlow, Essex, England

1939 Register Living at Osborne Hotel , Swansea C.B., Glamorganshire. He is Draughtsman (Steel & Engineering)

1976 Died Eastbourne, Sussex, England