Lt. Harold George Boyd DCM

1895 Aug 27. Born Dudley

1901 census at 5, Vauxhall Street, Dudley, Worcs

1911 census at 8 Gatehouse Fold Off Birmingham St Dudley

1915 Jun 2. Landed in France

1916 Mar 11. DCM Gazetted

1918 Apr 30 Commissioned.

1920 Dec 15. Joined ADRIC with Service no 1260. DI 3, posted to Ulster Special Constabulary

Ulster Special Constabulary - H G Boyd is 4th from left. Osmond RWG is 4th from right

Married Anne Glover presumably in Belfast.

His grandson recalls. I also remember that some of his fingers on both hands were bent up, this was from holding a gun. As a kid I tried to always straighten them. But you could see how they were holding a gun just from the shape.

1929 May 29 . Leaves Belfast for Canada with wife Ann and 2 children (age 4 and 2) . Living at 88 Albertbridge Rd, Belfast. He is listed as a "Hotel Manager" (They had owned a pub in Caledon, Ireland ). The building is still there.and he intends to join the police in Canada. The son Terrence died in Toronto of cancer at the age 27, he served as a radio operator on ships

They lived on Toronto Island for a short while, also in Oakville and Brampton, Ontario, Canada and of course Toronto. He never drove a vehicle, he walked a lot or took public transit.

He was in the Toronto Scottish during the Second WW. He also taught commando training in Hope, British Columbia, Canada. He was also sent in behind enemy lines to disrupt German intelligence. He could speak fluent German, French and Italian.

1941 May. In Canadian Forces in UK that changed the guard at Buckingham Palace. He appears to have been CSM

He was a Commissioner, these were retired vets and he was based out of the Government building on St. Clair Ave., near Yonge St. in Toronto, this was his last job. He also worked for the Bank of Nova Scotia at some point.

1974 Aug 12. Died Toronto, Canada