Capt Leslie Bernard Bumstead,MC & bar, Canadian Exp Force


1893 Jul 5. Born Ipswich, Suffolk.

1901 census at Witnesham Nr Ipswich

1911 census at Witnesham Nr Ipswich

25 Mar 1912 Mar 25 Leaves UK for Canada. His brother Reginald is already in Canada. He is a "farm labourer"

1914 Nov 28. Joins Canadian Exp Force. Next of Kin, his mother Mrs E Bumstead at Witnesham, Ipswich, Suffolk. He was not married and was a commercial traveller. Served as Sergeant in 9th Mississauga Horse, Canadian Cavalry, as Sergeant, then Lieutenant and Captain in 4th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles;

1916 May 7. 4th Bn. Can. Mtd. Rif. Serjt. L. B. Bumstead to be temp. Lt. 7 May 1916.

1917 Feb/Mar He marries in London to Minnie E Spencer.

1917 Sep 24. Central Ontario Regt. Temp. The undermentioned temp. Lts. to be temp. Capts.; — L. B. Bumstead.

1918 Aug 9 Wounded at Folies

1918 Sep 16. MC Gazetted. Capt. Leslie Bernard Bumstead, Mtd. Rifle. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer planned and carried out a raid for the purpose of securing identifications. Personally leading one of the sections he killed many of the enemy, and brought back two prisoners and a machine gun. His skill and handling of the men were largely responsible for the - success of the undertaking.

1919 Jan 10. Bar to MC Gazetted. Capt. Leslie Bernard Bumstead, M.C.. 4th Bn..Can. Infy., 1st Cent. Ont. Regt. For gallantry and devotion to duty during action. When at the start this officer received a gunshot wound in the back, he carried on, directing the advance of his company, a distance of over 3 kilometres. Not till the objective was reached and consolidated, and the wounded cared for, did he consent to be evacuated himself. He set a splendid example.

1919 Nov 1. .1st Central Ontario Regt. Temp. Capt. L. B. Bumstead, .M.C., retires in the British Isles.

1920 Aug 6 Joined ADRIC with service no 144.. Posted to Depot Coy . For reasons I do not understand, early DI1 or DI2 positions were not recorded in Register. I think he went to B Coy as Coy commander

1920 Oct 10 Is mentioned in Court Martial of Mannox, West and Burke at D Coy Galway

1920 Oct 30 Reverts to DI3 (the implication being that he was DI 2 at that point, or even DI1 )

1921 Apr 9 , Resigned from ADRIC. He was still a DI3 when he resigned. He was on the IRA list of torturers along with Moore

He then just disappears, no sign of a death in England, nor shipping back to Canada. The information published with MC sale say "retired to British Isles"

2015 Jul His M.C was sold in Sydney , Australia