Lt. William Carr

Mrs Carr of Townagh, Gort, Galway was targeted by IRA as her son as in ADRIC. The father is John and in RIC with a son William. John Carr was born Galway. Dob correct

1896 Apr 11. Born Limerick City. (RIC records)

1911 census

Enlisted in Royal West Surrey.

1916 Nov 29 Landed in France

1917 May 30. The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (attd.). - William Carr, R Munster Fusiliers.

1918 Nov 30. R. Muns. Fus. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. : — W. Carr

1920 Aug 30. Joined ADRIC with service no 242. Posted to D Coy

1920 Nov 12/17. An oil engine the property of Michael McGuane, Ballybane, Gort sub-district, was maliciously broken and damaged by unknown men, This engine work was done for Mrs Carr whose son is a member of 'D' Coy RIC Aux Corps. At about 12mn. on 18.11.20, the house of John Kennedy, Townagh, Gort sub-district, was fired into, and shots were fired outside the house of Mrs Carr, whose son is a member of the RIC Aux Corps.

1920 Nov 26. The IRA believed he was implicated in the death of the Loughnane brothers . WS 1150 says Patrick Loughnan belonged to Beagh Company. He was a fine athletic man over six feet in height and was about twenty nine years old at the time he and his brother Henry were murdered by the Auxiliaries. He was one of the men I selected in the Beagh Company area and swore into the I.R.B. Under my orders he raided the house of' John Carr Tierneevan, Gort, for an automatic pistol which I knew Carr had in his possession. Carr was an ex-R.I.C. man. Patrick Loughnan had a surprisingly weak voice for so big a man. He was masked when raiding for the gun but the Carr family took note of his Voice. John Carr's son William joined the Black and Tans shortly after the raid and when Patrick Loughnan and his brother Henry were arrested by the Black and Tans, William Carr was with them. I am of opinion that William Carr was in the house when it was raided for the automatic and that when the brothers were arrested he recognised Patrick's voice. Patrick Loughnan and his brother Henry were brutally murdered by the Tans and the whole area was shocked by the news.

1921 May 21 Posted to Depot

1921 Jun 24. Permanent Cadet. DI3 in RIC at Newport. Co Tipperary

1922 May 13. Pensioned from RIC