Percy Conrad, Hampshire Regt

1883 Apr 1. Born Portsea, Hampshire - Percy Schlumpf Conrad

1891 census at Edward Rd, Portsea, His father is an naturalised Swiss

1901 census 25, St Edwards Road, Portsmouth

1906 Feb 10. 4th Volunteer Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment; Percy Schlumpf Conrad, Gent., to be Second Lieutenant.

1908 Nov 3. 23rd Battalion, County of London Regiment; the undermentioned officers, from the 4th Volunteer Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment, are appointed to the battalion, with rank and precedence as in the Volunteer Force. Dated 1st April, 1908 :—Second Lieutenant Percy Schlumpf Conrad.

1909 May 5. 23rd (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment; Second Lieutenant Percy S. Conrad resigns his commission.

1909 Jun 9. 6th Battalion, The Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment), Percy Schlumpf Conrad to be Second Lieutenant (on probation).

1910 Jul/Sep Married in Kensington to Bertha K Hylton. Birth Name Bertha Kathleen Florence Hylton Mini Bio English stage and screen actress Barbara Hoffe born in England in around 1897. She became a well-known drama and comedy stage actress from the early 1910's. She starred in at least 6 movies under her real name Barbara Conrad under the direction of Wilfred Noy at the Clarendon Film Co between 1915-17, making her debut in a crime/drama 'The Verdict of the Heart' with Harry Welchman, her last film at Clarendon studios was 'The Lost Chord' in 1917. In 1920 she starred in her first film under the name of Barbara Hoffe in 'Five Pound Reward' a comedy directed by Adrian Brunel and co-starring a young Leslie Howard at the Minerva Film Co. Her most notable roles in 'Eugene Aram' in 1924 and in her last silent film 'Lieutenant Daring RN and the Water Rats' with Percy Moran in 1924. Barbara made a comeback in her only talkie in 1931 'The Woman Decides' directed by Miles Mander and starred Owen Nares at BIP studios. In a magazine interview in 1927 Barbara Hoffe confessing rather bizarrely that her favourite meal was mushroom omelette, also revealed that her favourite hobby was collecting 'first editions cheaply. In Australia in 1931 Barbara Hoffe was awarded £500 damages against Gordon Harbord, the theatrical producer for breach of contract. Miss Hoffe played the leading role in 'The Command to Love' at the Arts Club Theatre, but Yvonne Arnaud was substituted when the play was produced and ran at Daly's Theatre.

1911 Mar 17. Bankruptcy Receiving Order. Percy Schlumpf Conrad, 14 Victoria Grove, Southsea, Hants, no occupation.

1911 census 3 Kenilworth Villas Kenilworth Road Southsea

1912 Wife's petition to the courts for restitution of conjugal rights

1913 Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, later Supreme Court of Judicature: Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Files. .Divorce Court File: 3913. Appellant: Bertha Florence Conrad. Respondent: Percy Schlumpf Conrad. Type: Wife's petition for divorce.

1913 Jun . Travels from UK to Canada

1914 May 9 Arrives in UK from USA. He is an engineer and uses "Percy Schlumpf Conrad"

1915 Jan 9. Hamps Regt, 15 Batt (Portsmouth) Temp Lt Percy Conrad to be Temp Capt

1916 Mar 4. Lands in France

1916 Sep 4. Hamps. R. Temp. Capt. P. Conrad, from a Res. Bn., to be temp. Capt. 4 Sept. 1916, but with seniority from 9 Jan. 1915.

1917 Jul 17. Capt P Conrad, Army Officer on ship from UK to Lagos

1917 Jul 18 . Temp. Capt. P. Conrad, Hamps. R., is transfd. to Gen. List for service with W. Afr.. Frontier Force.

1918 Dec 7. Arrives back in UK from Lagos. An army officer, UK address St Edwards Rd Southsea (his mother's in 1901)

1920 Nov 15. Joined ADRIC with service no 1049 Posted to I Coy. Next of kin Mrs Conrad, 95 Victoria Rd, Southsea, Hants

1921 May 22. Man arrested by I Coy Main Gate Guard at Richmond Hospital

1921 Jul 2. Discharged Stevens Hospital

1921 Jul 2 to 26 Jul Medical Leave

1921 Aug 3 to 30 Aug on Leave

1921 Aug 27 Posted to L Coy

1921 Oct 14. Relinquishes his commission. Hampshire R. Temp. Capt. P. Conrad, and retains the rank of Capt.

1922 Jan 21. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1926 Apr 6 Leaves UK for Buenos Aires. He is an "Engineer" and has same address as on MIC. Travels alone, 2nd Class

1932 Oct/Dec Died Portsmouth