William Ewart Crew(e) M.M.& BAR, CROIX DE GUERRE & PALME 1887-1969

He took to using "Crewe" instead of "Crew" while he was in the army

1887 Aug 25. Born at Bath.

1891 census at Bath

1901 census at Bath

1911 census at ? He is not at home with the family

1915 May 19. Landed in France

1915 Oct 30. Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette reports Five sons of Mr and Mrs Crew. of Cranley, Camden Road, Bath. Now Serving In, H.M. Forces. They are : Sergeant, Albert Edward Crew. - with the 6th Somersets. Corpl, Stanley Frank. Crew. - with the 2nd South Western R.A.M.C. Sergeant, Ernest George Crew. - with the 2nd South Western R.A.M.C. Corpl, William Ewart Crew. - with the Kings's Royal Rifles. L / Corpl, P. Crew. - with the Wessex Engineers. : - 30th October 1915.

1916 Dec 14. A/157 Sjt. W. E. Crewe, Kings Royal Rifle Corps. (The award of the Military Medal published in the London Gazette)

1918 Jun 25. Commissioned. K.R. Rif. Corps. William Ewart Crewe, M.M.

1919 Dec 26. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts: W. E.Crewe, M.M.

1920 Feb 1. Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Temp. Lt. W. E. Crewe, M.M., relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt. But 6 weeks later the gazette makes a correction. Temp. Lt. W. E. Crewe, M.M., relinquishes his commission on joining the ranks,

1920 Apr 10. William Edward (sic) Crewe, M.M. (late temp. Lt., K.R. Rif. C. (Serv. Bns.) is granted the rank of Lt. on ceasing to serve in the ranks.

1920 Oct 1. Joins ADRIC Aux No. 664 - R.I.C. No 79043 Posted F Coy

1920 Dec 23. Promoted 3rd DI. Intelligence Officer of F Coy (he seems to have been with J Coy at Eccles hotel in Jan 1921

WS 1520. This appears to be around Jan 1921. A suspected spy, named Robert Lenihan, was arrested in Schull. I learned that he was in a public house in the town and was inquiring for I visited the public house and, without disclosing my identity, pot into conversation with the suspect. When we left the public house my friend was taken prisoner by some waiting members of Schull Company and handed over to Charlie Cotter in Ardmanagharea When searched, a number of envelopes addressed to W. E. Crowe (sic) ,O/C., Auxiliary Force, Eccles Hotel, Glengarriff each containing a supply of blank paper were found on the prisoner . He was interviewed by the Battalion O/C. (Seán Lehane) and other officers pending further investigation the prisoner was moved round the area and eventually to the Calf Islands off the coast by John Regan and Dan Regan, Schull. He was later removed back to the mainland at Tranawade. and then to Hayes, Coosheen. Here he managed to escape and reach the Marine Station. A Marine officer went to the Post Office and sent a wire to the Auxiliaries at Glengariff. Within a few hours three lorries of Auxiliaries arrived in Schull . They raided my home and that of Michael. McCarthy (Battalion Lieutenant of Police). They remained all night and then Moved out. However (bits censored by BMH). ..Lenihan dressed as a Tan was back in the area three weeks later with a strong force of enemy troops which carried out wholesale raids in the district without making any arrests.

1921 Dec 29 to 12 Jan 1921 on Leave

1920 Dec 31 His brother's death

1921 Jan 3. Western Daily Press reports the death of his brother, who had committed suicide. On Saturday afternoon the funeral of Mr Percy Crew took place at Lansdown Cemetery, Bath, the Rector of Bath, Preb, Boyd, officiating. The mourners were Mr and Mrs R.G. Crew ( parents),, Sergt,E.G. Crew. R.A.F., District Inspector W.E. Crew, Auxiliary Division, Royal Irish Constabulary, Mr A.E. Crew and Mr S.F. Crew ( brothers), Miss R.A. Crew (sister) Mrs E.G. Crew and Mrs A.E. Crew ( sisters-in-law) and Mr A. Langley ( Radstock) uncle. Another brother Mr V.L. Crew is in Mesopotamia. The coffin was covered with the Union Jack and there were many floral presents.

1921 Feb 11. Reverts to T/Cadet at own request. I feel that this is connected with the murders of Kennedy and Murphy

1921 Feb 13 Called as a witness at the Inquiry into death of Kennedy & Murphy

1921 May 31 Posted to A Coy Promoted DI.3 Intelligence Officer

1921 Jun 18 Posted to S Coy. Intelligence Officer of S Coy

1921 Jun 28 to 11 Jul on Leave

1921 Nov 19 moves to Intelligence Officer of H Coy

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

His diary covers both the ADRIC and the Palestine Police . Written in 1959 they goive very little extra detail to events in Ireland

1922 Mar 7. Joins Palestine Police as a Constable in British Gendarmerie. His diary says he was "orderly Room Sergeant" on first going to Palestine

1923 Sep 15. arrives in UK from Port Said. He intends returning to Palestine where he is a "gendarme"

1930 Marriage in Swindon to Anna Hilda Moore - Ancestry trees. William E Crewe born same year . It is in BMD, but does not tie up with Lizze in 1934

1934 - 1937 Electoral Roll living at Lee Rd, Harrow with wife Lizzie

1939 Living at 60 Empire Road , Ealing M.B., Middlesex. He is serving in the ranks as a Signalman in RE

1941 Oct 18. Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette reports the death of his father. Death of Mr R.G. Crew.  After an illness lasting only only a fortnight, one of Bath's old volunteers, Mr Richard George Crew, died at 15, Lower Camden Place on Tuesday.
   Aged 88, Mr Crew was born at Bath where for many years he conducted a decorator's business in Walcot. He retired about 20 years ago. He was the oldest member of the Patriots' Friendly Society, joining when he was a boy. He was also a member of the old Walcot Men's Bible Class and a member of Walcot Church of England Men's Society. In his younger days he was an ardent Liberal. He had six sons serving in the last war, four of whom are still living. He is also survived by his wife and one daughter. The sons are Mr W.E. Crew,of the London Transport Board, Mr A.Crew, Oxford M.A. and English master at Cotham Secondary School, Mr S.F. Crew, Oxford M.A, H.M. Inspector of Schools at Newcastle, and Mr V.L. Crew, clerk at Public Assistance Board, Bath.
  The daughter is Miss Rose A. Crew, Headmistress of Walcot Infant's School. The funeral will take place at Lansdown Cemetery to-day ( Saturday) at 11a.m.

1969 Died at Bath aged 82