John William Day

There is no regiment for him. There is one birth in Middlesex for Apr/Jun 1897, and that is for a John William Day, so given his RIC dob of 6 May 1897, this appears to be him. This is the only MIC I can get for a John William, but there is also a J W Day in Munsters ( not him as he is James William A Day, born 1893) and a John William Day in London Regt who is the more likely, but with an officer file but no MIC or commission date. I cannot tie either to the ADRIC man

1897 May 6. Born Islington, Middlesex (from RIC)

1901 census living in Holloway (appears to be right age, but I need Officer file to get any further. I think he was born 25 Sep 1897 as William Jon Day, not John William)

1911 census living at Wedmore St, Holloway

1920 Sep 14 Joined ADRIC with service no 562. Posted to E Coy

1921 Mar 13. Resignation accepted.

1921 Nov 18. J W Day gazetted out as Lt in 12th London Regt




. 1 Apr 1920 J W Day gazetted out of rfa as Lt

WO 374/18856 Officer file of John William Day of London Regt

1917 Oct 14 Commissioned 2nd Lt in RFA