Lt Edward Donnelly, RNVR

1897 Sep 15. Born London in RIC, but he must be this man below

1881 Sep 15 Born Reading - the only man with a RNVR officer record. These are this man's details here. He was christened Edward Lawrence Seagrave Donelly, but was commissioned as Edward Donnelly

1891 census at Cardiff Road, Reading,


1904 to 1917


1911 Oct/Dec. Married Annie Louise Stevens in Reading


1917 Jul 3. Commissioned Assistant Paymaster in RNVR. Only BWM not any others so his postings were limited. service record (officer) . However this service record gives dob of 15 Sep 1881

1920 Oct 18. Joined ADRIC with service no 754. Posted to L coy.

1921 Apr 22 Permitted to resign

1922 Jan 1 Paymaster Sub Lt (coding)

1939 Registry. Quite oddly he is a bus conductor in Reading (correct date of birth with service record). Living at 1 Audley Street , Reading with wife Ann

1953 Apr 27 Died Reading of Cardiac failure