2nd Lt. Joseph Ellison

1883 Dec 25 Born Down

1901 census at Welland Sr, Victoria, Belfast,

1911 census at 18 Dundela St, Belfast (as on MIC)

1914 Aug 20 Landed in France

Belfast Evening Telegraph. On another occasion Trooper Ellison, also of Belfast, rode by mistake into a Uhlan camp, but happily for him the night was so dark that he had discovered his mistake before he was recognised, and was almost clear of the camp again before the Uhlans were aware that he was not one of themselves. Just as he came to the high wire fence surrounding the camp one of the Uhlans struck a match to light his pipe, and Ellison stood revealed. Putting spurs to his horse, he attempted to jump the fence, but his mount baulked and threw him over its head into a drain on the outside. Amid a hail of bullets Ellison managed to run along the drain and escape in safety to the high road.

1917 Sep 20. Transferred to 9th Bn Royal Irish  Fusiliers, No:41566.

1918 Sep 25. Commissioned 2nd Lt R.Inniskilling Fusiliers.  WS/1/10498.

1920 Jan 20. R. Innis. Fus. Temp. 2nd Lt. J. Ellison relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of 2nd Lt.

1921 Apr 9. Accepted in Ireland. Joins ADRIC with service no 1885. Posted to I Coy

1922 Jan 17. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC