Major Edward Hubert Egerton Eves, RMLI


1867 Mar 5 Born London. His father lived in Jamaica. Charles Washington Eves was a prominent merchant based in London with extensive West Indian commercial interests. He represented Jamaica and, as an active member of the Royal Colonial Institute, wrote a manual for schoolchildren on the imperial history and geography of the West Indies (1889). He took a prominent part in promoting the Colonial Exhibition of 1886, for which he received the decoration of a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG). Our man took 5 years off his age to join ADRIC

1881 Census at Compton Place Road, New College, Eastbourne as 14 year old boarder

1886 Feb 24. 3rd and 4th Battalions, the Ruffs (East Kent Regiment), Hubert Egerton Eves, Gent., to be Lieutenant.

1888 Nov 19 . Married in Hartismere, Suffolk to Catherine Mary Rampling

1890 Oct 25. 3rd Battalion, the Buffs (East Kent Regiment), Lieutenant H. E. Eves, is appointed Instructor of Musketry.

1891 census at St Margaret Kent. He is a boarder, Lt in the Army, and born Jamaica

1891 May 4. 3rd Battalion, the Buffs (East Kent Regiment), Lieutenant H. E. Eves to be Captain.

1892 Mar 29. 3rd Battalion, the Buffs (East Kent Regiment), Captain H. E. Eves resigns the appointment of Instructor of Musketry.

1893 Apr 8. 3rd Battalion, the Buffs (East Kent Regiment), Captain H. E. Eves resigns his Commission.

1898 Feb 5. Mr. Hubert Egerton Eves, a son of Colonel Washington Eves, C.lit.G., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica. Mr. Hubert Eves is the owner of Arntully Estate, and is engaged in coffee

1899 Apr 22. his father died. Death of Colonel C Washington Eves: forwards a resolution passed by the Legislative Council expressing condolences on the death of Colonel C Washington Eves, who had been a strong supporter of the island and who died on the 22nd April 1899.

1914 Aug 4. Appointed Capt. Royal Marines. Captain Edward Hubert Egerton Eves, late East Kent Regiment, is granted a temporary commission as Captain. His WW1 service record is online

1918 Mar 15. Tempy. Capt. Edward Hubert Egerton Eves to be actg. Maj. whilst holding a special appt. It was Assistant Intelligence Officer in Jamaica

1918 Apr 18. Arrives in UK from Jamaica. Travels 1st class, a Captain in the RMLI as Intelligence Dept of Admiralty. He only had BWM from WW1, not Victory Medal

1919 Nov 5 Demobilised

1920 Aug 17 Joined ADRIC with service no 303

1920 Oct 7. Transferred to RIC Transport. Division as DI

1943 Dec 25. Died Salisbury, Wiltshire