Robert Edward Forster, DCM & bar

1895 Aug 20. Born see newspaper article . The RIC entry says in Co. Durham. The only birth that fits is born Lanchester, Co Durham

1911 census at East Castle, Annfield Plain, Durham. In fact 1918 voters list shows him as Robert Edward Forster This is in Lanchester District


1914 Nov 21. Enlisted

1917 May 11. DCM Gazetted

1917 Jul 18. Bar for DCM Gazetted.

1918 Jan 20. From Officer Cadet units to be temp 2nd Lt. DLI. Robert Edward Forster.

1919 Jul 30 Promoted Lt

1920 Apr 1. Relinquished commission

1920 Aug 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 207. Posted to F Coy

1921 Feb 1 Posted to Depot

1921 Feb 8 Posted to O Coy

1921 Feb 13. Posted to N Coy . This is after Trim Looting when the sacked men had to be replaced.

1921 Feb 20 to 5 Mar on leave

1921 Mar 23. "Permitted to resign"

He became a newspaper canvasser in Yorkshire

1937 Join a shipping company in Hartlepool called Ropners, a firm, founded in 1874 by Sir Robert Ropner in West Hartlepool. War broke out within two years and Robert found himself on a merchant ship which was torpedoed and sank. His life was saved and he left the Merchant Navy in 1943, finding work in the food stamps office in Avenue Road.

1939 Register living with wife Priscilla at 9 Temperance Street , West Hartlepool C.B., Durham. He is a Constructional Fitter, Correct DOB

The families house in Whitby street was bombed, his son recalls “We were living in a house in Whitby Street when we heard the German planes overhead.” Robert’s wife, Priscilla, and two of her children, Ann, then aged eight, and Robert junior, aged six, all hid under the staircase. Robert senior and little Harry stood at the front door and watched it all until Harry was ordered under the stairs by his dad. The German planes then dropped a land mine which was aimed at the steelworks. Somehow, it veered off course and landed in the street in front of Robert’s house.The whole of the front of the house was blown off. All that was left was the staircase with the mum and three children under it. Harry remembered: “We crawled out and we couldn’t see my dad anywhere at first. Then, we saw a pair of white eyes at the back of the house.” Robert had been blown from the front doorstep to the oven. “He was covered from head to toe in soot and all we could see was his eyes,” said Harry.

The family moved to another part of Hartlepool and lived in a building called the Temperance Hotel, in Stockton Street. “That was bombed as well,” said Harry.

1961 But Robert survived it all and passed away in 1961

On a web forum . I am looking for details of the issue of the Wizard which included an article on Robert Edward Forster who won the Distinguished Conduct Medal and bar during the Great War, 1914-18. If possible I would like a copy of the comic or a copy of it. Can anybody help me? Requesting this on behalf of his grandson, Harry, the owner of the medal(s), who is researching his ancestry.