Capt. William Fowler, Rifle Brigade

There are 2 commissioned William Fowler in Rifle Brigade, but only one is discharged as Capt, this man. Other was 2nd Lt

1878 Dec 28 Born London, England from RIC records. But this covers too many William Fowlers.

1914 Sep 10 Lands in France. So he was a regular or TA

1915 Jan 14. Mentioned in Sir John French’s Despatch of 14 January, 1915, ‘for consistent good work, especially on 13 and 18 October, 1914. The War Record of the 3rd Battalion, published in the Rifle Brigade Chronicle, gives the following details: ‘Sergeants W. Fowler and A. F. Wheeler, “A” Company. When the battalion was on the Aisne and daily suffering heavy casualties from the enemy’s snipers, these two N.C.O.’s formed a band of snipers from “A” Company and did splendid work in combating the enemy snipers.... crawling out daily to the front or climbing trees, etc., and bringing back much useful information about the enemy’s trenches as well as killing many Germans. Their initiative and bravery in constantly exposing themselves to danger did much to keep up the moral of our men which in the early days of trench warfare was inclined to be shaken by the telescopic-rifle shooting of the enemy and by their great artillery superiority.’

1915 Aug 25. Russian Cross of the Order of Saint George, 4th Class. 5051 Serjeant William Fowler, 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade

1917 Nov 2. The undermentioned to be actg. Capts. while comdg. Cos.: — 2nd Lt. W. Fowler (Rif. Brig.).

1918 May 2. The undermentioned Lts. (actg. Capts.) to be temp. Capts.: — W. Fowler (Rif. Brig.).

1920 Aug 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 74. Posted J Coy

1921 Aug 6. Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Oct 2. 3 days on "Special Duty to England"

1921 Aug 12, Re-engaged on another contract with ADRIC

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

There are too many options on William Fowler born somewhere in England about 1880. And I cannot tie his MIC address to any of them

1939 Register. He is probably the man with the right dob but 1878 rather than 1880. Single , a Retired Army Captain, living at Brooklands Gay Bowers , Chelmsford R.D., Essex,