Charles Gerard Getz(s) MC


1895 Apr 20 Born, 2 Gillabbey Street, Cork. Father listed as Professor of Languages

1901 census at St Johns Hill, Waterford

1911 census A pupil at a boarding school in Fermoy, Cork

1915 Jul 26. Enlisted. He was a Language Teacher

1918 Mar 27 Commissioned 2nd Lt. He seems to have felt the need to change his name from "Getz" to "Gets"

1919 Jan 13. MC Gazetted . T./2nd Lt. Charles Gerard Gets, attd. R. Muns. Fus. (1st Bn.). He carried out a daring reconnaissance in broad daylight, advancing over 3,000 yards, mostly by crawling. Having established a post at the position he reached the enemy, attacked it in force and our men were forced to retire. However, he at once volunteered to re-establish the position, and he led his platoon to attack with great success, driving out the enemy and capturing two machine guns. His behaviour and gallant example inspired his men with the utmost confidence

1919 Jan 15 Report for Civil Service Commission

1919 Jan 28. Demobbed

1921 Apr 12. Joined ADRIC with service no 1886

1921 Apr 12. Struck off as a deserter. Never got further than signing on for the day. My mother mentioned that he was a friend of Mulchay......meaning his brief involvement in the Aux Police was planned by the Republicans. Also, the Irish Govt. are absolutely silent on his 1920's activities.

1921 Dec 13. R. Mun,. Fus. Temp. 2nd Lts., and retain the rank of 2nd Lt. : — C. G. Gets, M.C.

1923 Feb 1. Marriage to Sarah Nolan. At RC church of St Laurence O'Toole in Dublin. Both single and full age. Charles Getz, of Wellington Lodge, Serpentine Ave,Uni Student F:Joseph Getz, Professor. Sarah of 94 Amiens St. F: Matthew Nolans, Farmer. Wit: Alfred & Mary Goodrich

1929 Mar 14 Applies for a job as a Post Office Night Telephonist

1930 Jul/Sep. A son Terence MN Gets born in Hendon, Middlesex

1939 Register Living at 3 Seed Mill Chapel Road , Bridge-Blean R.D., Kent. He is a builders labourer

1956 Mar 30. His son Terrance asks for his fathers Service Record

1965. A Charles G Getts of the correct age dies in Kent in 1965. Ref Canterbury vol 5f, p114



WO 374/26917