Francis Edmund Gibson MBE

Cannot be sure of him . Transcribed as F R G Gibson in Numeric Register, with FE apparently added. IPG Gibson in Alphabetic Register, with a faint alteration. . Nothing in WO338. I did find J P Gibson MBE. I have corresponded which his descendents, and his notes show "As my business had gone west (this was in Jul 1920) and my capital was so depleted I was glad to remain in London Records even on civil rates which came on after my disembodiment in March 1921." In other words he says he was in London Records during the time of Jan 1921 to Dec 1921 when a Gibson M.B.E. was serving in the ADRIC. On the other hand he was short of cash and the lure of the ADRIC rates of pay was there. Virtually none of the men who served in the ADRIC ever mention it in their auto-biographies so it is difficult to say one way or the other..The Leave Book has him as "F E Gibson" The only thing not fitting is "age 40" that has been added at one point.

On Balance he appears to have been F E Gibson MBE in RFA, and that I can find, and is detailed below

1896 Feb 8. Born Cambs

1901 Census at Sunderland, Co Durham

1911 census at Malvern School where he is a boarder

1915 Nov 11. Commissioned 2nd Lt in RFA

1919 Jan 1. Gazetted MBE, later altered in a LG. ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE . The following correction to an appointment to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is notified : — (London Gazette , dated 1st January 1919 , page 65 ) For Lieut. Francis Edmund Gibson, R.F.A. , Read Lieut . Francis Edmund Gibson , R.F.A . (S.R.)

1921 Jan 19. Joined ADRIC with service no. 1571 .Posted to N Coy

1921 Apr 9. Posted to Q Coy

1921 Dec 10. Struck off Deserter

1926 Jan 11. Report of Bankruptcy proceedings

1927 Pays off debts

1928 Nov 23 , Arrived UK from New York. He is a Stable Manager of Water Lane, London

1939 Register He is living at 1021 Elm Cottage , St Neots R.D., Huntingdonshire, England He is Managing a Saddlery. Living with Lillian

1940 Aug 12. Commissioned Lt.   Lt . Francis Edmund GIBSON , M.B.E . (144186)

1943 Jun 24. Mentioned in despatches. Capt . (temp . Maj. ) F . E . Gibson , M.B.E . (144186)

1985 Sep 6. Died Haywards Heath, West Sussex