Capt. William Goldie

Too common a Scottish name to get further. He did claim Royal Humane Soc Medal, and that might give a clue. His MIC just says 6/HLI and does not give an address. TNA has reference to another MIC, but that will not have address

1886 Aug 27. Born Lanark, Scotland (RIC Roll) But there are 13 men of this name born in Scotland over the period 1885/1887)

1916 Aug 4. Highland L.I.— Cadet William Goldie to be 2nd Lt. (on prob.).

1918 Feb 4. HLI. 2nd Lt. W. Goldie to be Lt.

1919 Nov 19. The undermentioned relinquish the temp, rank of Capt on ceasing to be spec, empld:— Lt. W. Goldie, 6th High. L.I., T.F.

1919 Nov 19. 6th Bn., Highland L.I.—The announcement regarding Lt. W. Goldie, which appeared in the Gazette of 5th Jan. 1919, is cancelled. Lt. W. Goldie relinquishes his commission on account of ill-health caused by wounds, and is granted the rank of Capt.

1920 Sep 17. Joined ADRIC with service no 592. Posted to I Coy

1921 Feb 1 to 14 Feb on Leave

1921 Feb 28. Promoted Section Leader

1921 Mar 19 Resignation accepted.




WO 374/27801