Alexander McNair Gordon, M.C

1895 Jul 5. Born Tarbolton, Ayrshire the son of a Gardener

1901 census at Neilshill Lodge, Tarbolton

1915 Mar 24. The undermentioned Cadets and ex-Cadets of the Officers Training Corps to be Second Lieutenants, on probation. Scots Fusiliers. Alexander McNair Gordon, 3rd Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers.

1915 Sep Landed in France

1917 May 31. R. Fus.— 2nd Lt. A. McN. Gordon, R. Sco. Fus., Spec. Res., to be acting Capt. whilst comdg. a Co.

1917 Jul 1. R.S. Fus.—Alexander McNair Gordon, M.C., late Capt., Spec. Res., to be Lt. 26th Jan. 1921, with seniority Ist July 1917.

1918 Oct 7. Lt. (A./Capt.) Alexander McNair Gordon, R. Sco. Fus., Spec. Res., attd. 3rd Bn., R. Fus. On the 17th October, in the operations east of St. Benin, he showed great initiative in reorganising the battalion after a heavy enemy counter-attack. Throughout the operation on the 17th and 18th October, 1918, he commanded his company with skill and set a fine example to the men by his cheerfulness and disregard of danger.

1919 Oct 29. R. Fus.—Lt. A. McN. Gordon, M.C , 3rd R. Sc. Fus., Spec. Res., relinquishes the actg, rank of Capt

1920 Aug 13 Joined ADRIC with service no 208. Posted to A Coy.

1921 Feb 19. Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Feb 24 to 9 Mar on Leave

1921 Mar 9. Resignation accepted.

1925 Jan 9. R.S. Fus.—Lt. A. McN. Gordon, M.C., is seed, for duty with Sudan Defence Force.

1925 Nov 4. R.S. Fus.— The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. A. McN. Gordon, M.C., and remains seed.

1932 Feb 17. R. S. Fus.—The undermentioned are restd. to the estabt. Capt. A. McN. Gordon, M.C.

1932 Oct. Marries Dorothy Gertrude Presslie at Haifa, Palestine

1935 Apr 4. R.S. Fus.—The undermentioned Capts. retire on ret. pay. A. McN. Gordon, M.C.

1935 Jun 22, A daughter born in Edinburgh, he is given as of Egyptian Police

1940 Jan 18. R. Fus. Capt. A. McN. Gordon, M.C. (1116), to be Bt. Maj.

1949 Jul 27. R.S. Fus. Capt. & Bt. Maj. (War Subs. Maj.) A. McN. GORDON, M.C. (1116), having exceeded the age limit of liability to recall, ceases to belong to the Res. of Offrs., and is granted the hon. rank of Lt.-Col.

1952 May 16. General List. Hon. Lt.-Col. Alexander McNair GORDON, M.C. (1116) (late R.S.F.), to be 2nd Lt.,

1952 Mar 31. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Capts.: A. McN. GORDON, M.C. (1116),

1967 Died Scotland