Philip Noel Graham

1888 Dec 6 he was born in Berkshire

1891 census living with his parents at Springfield, Farringdon Rd, Abingdon

1901 census living with his parents at Springfields, Spring Garden, Abingdon

1911 census I cannot find him. He is not living with his parents

1914 Dec 15. Northumberland Fusiliers. 11th Battalion. Philip Noel Graham to be temporary Lieutenant.

1915 Sep 25. Landed France and was there for about 6 months

1915 Oct 23. North'd Fusiliers. The undermentioned temp. Capts., from a Serv. Bn., to be temp. Capts. (attd.). P. N. Graham. 23 Sept. 1916, but with seniority from 23 Oct. 1915.

1916 Mar. Suffered from Shell Shock and invalided out

1916 Jun Returned to France, but on arrival was found to be unfit for service in the trenches. He was sent to a rest camp, then invalided home again

1917 Jul 30 Entered hospital in UK. Medical report

1919 Feb 10. Service Battalions. North'd Fus. The undermentioned temp. Capt. are seed, for duty as specified against their names P. N. Graham, while empld. Record Office, York.

1920 Feb 13. Protection Cert issued

1920 Aug Joined ADRIC with RIC no 72813, ADRIC no 274. Home address: 14 Wooton Road, Abingdon, Berkshire. Posted to C Coy.

1920 Oct 3. Promoted to Section Leader

1920 Nov 28. Killed at Kilmichael Ambush

Strangely Philip Noel Graham has a grave recognised by CWGC in Abingdon Cemetery. The only man in ADRIC dead to be recognised by CWGC. The implication is that he was a serving soldier.

His file shows that there is no doubt that he left the army