Lt Col. Thomas MacGregor Greer, Manchesters. QSA


1876 Jun 26. Born Mount MacGregor, Hillsborough, Co Down on RIC. There is an Irish GRO of 1876 in Lisburn which is him as it ties in with the age of the child when the family moved to Australia

There were 3 Thomas MacGregor Greers born in Ulster at this time

1901 and 1911 census gives his father Samuel living in Northern Ireland, but he is not there

1898 Mar 23. 4th Battalion, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, The undermentioned Gentlemen to be Second Lieutenants :— Thomas Macgregor Greer.

1898 Sep 21. 4th Battalion, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be Lieutenants:— T. M. Greer.

1899 Nov. 3rd and 4th Battalions, the Manchester Regiment. Lieutenant T. M. Greer, from the 4th Battalion, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, to be Lieutenant.

1900 Apr 4. To be Lieutenants, with the temporary rank of Lieutenant in the Army. :—Lieutenant T. M. Greer, 6th Battalion the Manchester Regiment.

1900 Apr 18 Seconded for service in Imperial Yeomanry. 6th Battalion, the Manchester Regiment, Lieutenant T. M. Greer.

1900 Jun Invalided home from Boer War. Lieutenant. 74 Company (3rd Dublin) 8 battalion Imperial Yeomanry. Returned to SA with 30th company. The Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901

1901 Mar 1. Imperial Yeomanry, Lieutenant T. M. Greer, from 8th Battalion.

1901 Jun 24. The undermentioned Supernumerary Officers are absorbed into the Establishments of their respective units:—6th Battalion, the Manchester Regiment, Lieutenant T. M. Greer.

1902 Jan 15. 6th Battalion, the Manchester Regiment, Lieutenant T. M. Greer to be Captain.

1905 Jul/Sep married in Brentford to ADDISON, Stephanie Walcott

1907 Mar 16. 6th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment; Captain T. M. Greer is seconded, under the conditions of paragraph 41, Militia Regulations, for service under the Colonial Office.

1908 Aug 9. 6th Battalion, The Manchester. Regiment, to be 4th Battalion, The Manchester. Regiment. Captains:— Thomas M. Greer.

1909 Apr 23. 4th Bat, The Manchester Regiment, Supernumerary Captain Thomas M. Greer is restored to the establishment

1911 Apr 1. 4th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment, Captain Thomas M. Greer to be Major.

This is where is gets messy and is difficult to separate the various Thomas MacGregor Greers. The man we want, went on the the Notts & Derby Regt

1914 Nov 12. The undermentioned Officers to command battalions of the New Army, and those under the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel to be granted the temporary rank of Lieutenant- Colonel : —Major Thomas M. Greer (4th Special Reserve Battalion, The Manchester Regiment), 14th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment.

1916 Jul 3. Manch. R. Temp. Lt.-Col. T. M. Greer (Major, Spec. Res.) relinquishes his temporary rank on vacating the comd. of a Bn.

1917 Mar 29. Labour Battalions. R. Scots. Maj. T. M. Greer (Manch. R., Spec. Res.) to be actg. Lt.-Col. whilst comdg. a Bn

1917 Apr 13. Labour Corps. The undermentioned are apptd. to the Corps. , retaining present seniority Maj. (actg. Lt.-Col.) T. M. Greer (Manch. R., Spec. Res.), from R. Scots

1917 Jun 29. Labour Corps. Maj. T. M. Greer (Manch. R., Spec. Res.) relinquishes the actg. rank of Lt.-Col. on ceasing to comd. a Bn.

1918 Aug 2. His own record of service

1918 Aug 13. Labour Corps. Maj. T. M. Greer (Manch. R., Spec. Res.) ceases to be empld. with the Corps.

1919 Feb 28 A report on him

17 Mar 1919 A report on him

1920 Aug 6. Joined ADRIC with service no 143. Posted to Depot Coy

1920 Oct 13. Promoted DI 1 at Depot

1920 Dec 21. Reverted to T/Cadet

1920 Dec 21 to 11 Jan on Leave

1921 Mar 1 to 14 Mar on Medical Leave

1921 Mar 15 . Resignation accepted. in ADRIC

1921 Apr 15 To Defence Regt - not gazetted

1921 Jun 22. Army Reserve of Officers. Manchester Reg. .—Lt.-Col. T. M. Greer, late Maj., 4th Manch. R., Spec. Res., to be Lt.-Col

1921 Jun 22. 4th Manchester R.—Maj. T. M. Greer resigns his commn., and is granted the rank of Lt.-Col, with permission to wear the prescribed uniform.

1922 Jul 29. Foresters.—Lt.-Col. T. M. Greer, from Res. of Off., Manch. R.., to be Lt Col. 29th July 1922, with seniority 22nd June 1921.

1931 - 1924 on Ealing Electoral Roll. with Stephanie Walcott Greer

1931 Jun 29. The undermentioned having attained the age limit of liability to recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off. :—Foresters— Lt.-Col. T M. Greer. 1931

1934 Aug 22

1939 Register Living at 112 Argyle Road , Ealing M.B., Middlesex. With wife Stephanie. He is a Coach in Military Subjects

1948 Feb 3. Died in London aged 71



WO 339/13742