Edward Hall

Odd entry. No regiment and no age, so nothing to go on, as a form 3 fransfer from RIC, which he joined as a Barrack Defence Sgt. There are 16 "E Hall" commissioned in WO 338. He was posted to Z Coy, so must have had particular skills.

1893 Oct 23. Shropshire. The RIC entry is just for Edward Hall, born Shropshire. But the Halls born then in Shropshire have more names than just "Edward". In fact he probably was brn William Edward Hall (correct dob) , son of Charles and Ada Harriet Hall at Bridgenorth Shropshire

1920 Jun 1. Joined RIC as a Barrack Defence Sgt

1921 Jan 1. Joined ADRIC with service no 1420. Posted to J Coy The Register entry says "no proposal" beside it

1921 Jun 8. Posted to Z Coy

1922 Jan 6. Posted to Depot Coy, but no actual record of discharge