Capt. Harry Bradford Tancred Hawkins C de G, RAF


1878 Sep 6. Born 28 Norham Gardens, Oxford, son of Robert Samuel and Lucy Sybil Hawkins. His father was a well to do lawyer in 1871 census.

H B T Hawkins does not appear in any censuses and seems to have lived in New Zealand much of the time before WW1. They appear to have emigrated between 1878 (child born, Oxfordshire) and 1880 (a child bo8rn at Waihi Bush, Geraldine, New Zealand)

1897 Gives an engineering report on th Zoroastrian Mine in West Australia

1906 Feb 1. TNA has a reference under the tag, Gold prospecting in Brazil. Request for a letter of introduction for Mr Tancred Hawkins. From Colonel Boyle, London

1906 Aug 30. London. Marriage to Irene Maud Tancred (she died in Selukwe, Rhodesia in 1969)

1908. "H B Tancred Hawkins" was Mine Manager., Cappagh House, Ballydehob, County Cork, Ireland. Noted in Bulletin of American Institute of Mining Engineers. “The Mine Captains House” which dates back to 1840 and was the residence of the captain of the local copper mine. A large 3 storey house enjoying an elevated position overlooking Audley Cove and taking in the breath taking views of almost all the islands including Baltimore, Sherkin Island and west to Long Island and Goat Island. The copper mine appears to have closed in 1873, and not produced since !

1916 Jul 25. RFC. Harry Bradford Tancred Hawkins to be 2nd Lt

1916 Oct 17 Gains Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate

1917 Oct 18. Balloon Co Gomdrs —(Graded as Flight Comdrs ) —And to be temp Capts whilst so empld —2nd Lt (temp Lt) H B T Hawkins, Spec Res , from a Balloon Comdr (graded as a Balloon Officer)

RAF Record

1918 Apr 17. Gazetted Croix de Guerre. The Croix de Guerre (French) has been awarded to Captain H. B. T. Hawkins, R.F.C. Captain Tancred Hawkins, an old boy of Wanganui College, and son of the late Mr R. S. Hawkins, and had the decoration bestowed upon him for "exceptional services rendered to the 5th. Army Corps during 1917."

1918 Nov 4. Italian Bronze Medal for Military Valour. Captain H. B. T. Hawkins, R.A.F., recently awarded the Italian bronze medal for Military Valour, was at one time resident of Wellington NZ

1920 Aug 31. Joined ADRIC with service no 437. Posted to K Coy

1921 Mar 19. Posted to D Coy

1921 Jul 2. Promoted Section Leader

1922 Jan 20. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1925 Oct 15 Arrives in UK from New York. Mining Engineer Travels 3rd class.

1929 May 20 Arrives in UK from South Africa. Mining Engineer living in South Rhodesia. UK address Whyte Lodges, Letchworth. Travels alone and 3rd Class

1933 Oct 31. Arrives in UK from Durban. Mining Engineer. Travels 1st Class

His son was in Smith Rhodesia Government

1959 Mar 27 Died Gwanda, Rhodesia. aged 82