Lt-Col Herbert Sidney Lamond Hemming DSO, QSA

1878 Jun 28. Born London. Son of Dr John Lamond Hemming, and Florence Elizabeth (nee Jenner). At some point he took 4 years off his age and military records point to a 1882 birth, but 1878 is the GRO date.

1880 A Curious fraud case see full details in the Old Bailey, which sheds some light on Dr Hemmings business dealings, he had a chequered past see Ancestry tree. It appears that his wife was a step daughter of a man called Alfred Johnson. Hemmings mother had a chequered history see Ancestry tree . It is very difficult to follow exactly what was happening to each parent prior to his birth.

1880 Sep 29. His father was adjudged bankrupt. London Gazette

1881 Feb 28. His father cleared of perjury. JOHN LAMOND HEMMING (33) was indicted for wilful and corrupt perjury. MR. BESLEY the Prosecuted offered no evidence. NOT GUILTY .

The prisoner was indicted at the last Session under the 3rd sub-section of the 13th Section of the Debtors Act for removing property "with intent to defraud his creditors;" the indictment only alleged an intent to defraud one individual. MR. HORACE AVORY, for the prisoner, contended that this allegation was not warranted by the words of the section—that, therefore, it was no offence within that section, and he applied that the indictment might be quashed. After hearing MR. PURCELL for the Prosecution, in the absence of Mr. Besley, the RECORDER held the objection to be good, and the indictment was accordingly quashed. Upon a subsequent day, applications being made by MR. BESLEY, leave was given to prefer a new bill in the same form, in order that the matter might be more fully argued. The new bill was, however, ignored by the Grand Jury.

1881 Census at 10 Westbourne Cres, London

1883 Oct/Dec His mother died in London aged 26.

1884 Sep 26 His father died aged 35. Article in The (London) Standard Wednesday October 1st 1884 inquest regarding John Lamond Hemming, Physician and Surgeon, Worship Street who took hydro-cyanic acid. Witness had noticed seemed a little depressed and believed he was in pecuniary difficulties and had been a widower for about nine months. He had two children and would always have them about him. He believed deceased had grieved very much at the loss of his wife. The jury returned a verdict that deceased committed suicide whilst labouring under temporary insanity.

1891 census I cannot find him.

Educated Bedford Grammar School.

1900 Feb 22. 3rd Battalion, the East Lancashire Regiment, Herbert Sidney Lamond Hemming, Gent., to be Second Lieutenant.

1901/02 Boer War. QSA 3 clasps for Cape Colony, Johannesburg and Paarderberg, KSA 2 clasps for South Africa 1901 and 1902,

1901 Feb 13. The Kildonan Castle left Cape Town for England with the following invalids: 3/E Lancashire – 2/Lieutenant H S L Hemming

1901 Mar 5. London Times, The Kildonan Castle arrived at Southampton yesterday soon after noon with the following listed: ... 3/E Lancashire – 2/Lieutenant H S L Hemming

1902 Jan 4. 3rd Battalion, the East Lancashire Regiment, The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be Lieutenants:— H. S. L. Hemming.

1902 Mar 26 To be "local Lieutenants" Lieutenant H. S. L. Hemming, 3rd Battalion the East Lancashire Regiment.

1902 Aug 1. 3rd Battalion, the East Lancashire Regiment Lieutenant H. S. L. Hemming resigns his Commission. But ...3rd Battalion, the. East Lancashire Regiment, The resignation of Lieutenant H. S. L. Hemming, which was announced in the London Gazette is cancelled.

1903 Jul 11. 3rd Battalion, the East Lancashire Regiment, . Lieutenant H. S. L. Hemming to be Captain.

1903 Somaliland. Africa General Service Medal (Somaliland 1902-04 bar)

1905 Mar 5. 3rd Battalion, the East Lancashire Regiment, Captain (Honorary Lieutenant in the Army) H. S. L. Hemming resigns his Commission.1905.

Then he spent nine years' exploring and big game hunting in central Africa, including a time with the Portuguese forces.

1911. Then in Africa and with Portuguese in the Machemba Expedition.

1914 Sept. Joined South African Force .

1914 Nov 1. 3rd South African Infantry (Transvaal and Bhodesian Regiment). Captain H. S. J. L. Hemming (since promoted temporary Major), Adjutant.

The 3rd South African Infantry Regiment. Commander: Lt Col E.F. Thackeray and raised from Transvaal and Rhodesia. The regiment was generally known as "The Transvaal Regiment." B Company were mostly from the Witwatersrand Rifles while C Company were men from the Rand Light Infantry.

1915 Aug Capt & Adjutant, 3rd S. African Infantry

1915 Jul 9. MID for services in S.W. Africa with the Rand Rifles.

1915 Dec 6 - 3rd South African Infantry (Transvaal Battalion). Captain Hubert Hemming to be temporary Major.

1915 Dec. Served with S. African Forces in Egypt

During December 1915 it was decided to send the South African brigade to Egypt, where the Senussi tribe led by Gaafer Pasha, was threatening to overrun the country. On 23 January 1916 the 2nd South African Infantry Battalion first saw action at Halaxin. Brig Gen Lukin's column of the Western Frontier Force comprised of a number of units including 1st and 3rd South African Infantry Regiments.

1916 Feb 26 . They marched along the coast and engaged the enemy at the Battle of Agagia . With the aid of the Dorsetshire Yeomanry's cavalry the Senussi were routed and Gaafer Pasha and his staff captured.After successfully bringing this brief campaign to a close, Brig Gen Lukin and his brigade were transferred to France. He lost his right arm at Battle of Agagia

1916 Jul. battle of Somme, wounded

1917 Sep 20. battle of Passchendale, gassed

1917 Sep commanded 3rd S.A.Inf.

1918 Dec 1. wounded Gouzaucourt

1918 May 25 MID

1918 Jun 3. DSO awarded (Birthday Honours) and also French Croix de Guerre and three Mentions in Despatches. DSO London Gazette “This officer has served with his regiment at the front since January 1916 with the exception of periods of absence on account of wounds. He has been 2nd in command of a battalion and for short periods in command and although suffering much pain from the stump of an arm lost in action, he has borne it with the greatest courage, and after every operation or wound, has returned to duty at the earliest possible moment. He has been three times wounded.”

1918 Jul 16. S. Afr. Res. Battalion. Temp. Maj. H. S. J. L. Hemming, D.S.O., from S. Afr. Inf., to comd. the Bn., and to be temp. Lt.-Col.

1918. Lt Col , commanding S. African Reserve Battn; retired, disability pay. Relinquishes his commission on account of ill health due to wounds

1919 Apr 24. South African General List - The undermentioned Officers from 2nd Res., S. Afr. Bn., are transferred, retaining their respective rank and seniority:— Temp. Lt.-Col. H. S. J. L. Hemming, D.S.O

1919 Nov 10.Resigns commission on account of his wounds and retains rank of Lt Col

1919 Oct Served as General Staff Officer 1st Grade on General Crozier's Mission in Lithuania

1920 Feb 20. Left Lithuania.

1921 Jan 31 Joined ADRIC with service no 1615. Posted to G Company as Company Commander

1921 Oct 25. Michael Brooks. a 48 year old farmer was found dead under his cart. The ADRIC lorries were some of the traffic that passed him, and so gave evidence at the inquest. There is no suggestion that this is anything other than an accident. Included in the G Coy men who witnessed the cart en route are DI1 HSL Hemming , S/Leader HR Gates, S/Leader FJ Lazell , T/Const W Mudge

1921 Nov 15 Suspended

1922 Feb 1. Struck of ADRIC roll as a deserter. This is also odd as the ADRIC was wound down by then. He must have been instructed to stay to wind up the paper work, and decided not to bother. And in addition he went off to the RUC in 1922. It may just have been a way of paying him less.

1922 - 1926 Ulster Special Constabulary (O/C S.E. Brigade) 1922-26

1923 Jan 1. Gazetted CBE Arthur Francis Hemming, Esq.

1939 Register. Living at

1947 Feb 23 Died in London133 West Kensington Court , Fulham, London, He is a Retired Col on disability pay. He is single

hemming death