Major Marshall George Herbert (real name George Herbert Gosling) M.C. Surrey Regt

There are a number of bits of background on him

1877 Dec 15 Born (not the 1882 he claimed when he joined the RIC). Smethwick, Birmingham (this according to an Ancestry tree) But there is no such birth, nor indeed is there any sign of a man called "Marshall George Herbert until he joins RGA in Sep 1896. He appears to be George Herbert Gosling born Jan/Mar 1878, ties also to 15 Dec 1877, at Kings Norton, Worcs.

1881 census at 445, Oldbury Road, Harborne (Stafford)

1891 census 16, Cavendish Road, Tottenham

1893 Aug 26. Sent 5 years Reformatory to the Farm School Redhill, but comes out after 3 years.

The school had a band, and the drill squad, intended to teach boys to respond instantly to orders. The band and marching youths gave performances before members of the Society and the general public, creating a positive image of the establishment. The formation of the band also attracted donations of more musical instruments. Some boys, less suited to field labour because of their small physique, learned to play a musical instrument in the band. In turn, this led to a few being accepted into the regular army as “band boys”.

1896 Sep 11. Attests to RGA. He is an 18 year old Musician. He serves all 12 years in UK. His father is down as Marshall George Herbert, Gisburn Rd, Hornsey. FindMyPast service record . In fact the Warden at the reformatory was Marshall George Vine, and it looks as if George Herbert Gosling decided to use the warden as his model for a new name.

1897 Sep 21. Tried and imprisoned 56 days. It does not say why.

1901 census at Fort Grange, Gosport,Hampshire. A Bombardier in RGA.

1902 Oct 20 Transfers to Reserve after 6 years in Colours

1906 Oct 7. Married Olive Linnell in Reigate from Army record. However state record says Olive Linnell and she marries a George Herbert Gosling . Undoubted she would have got some money from her father' will, which totaled £55,000, but given the 12 children and a wife to provide for, it is unlikely to me that James Linnell would have left more than about 5% to his youngest daughter, say around £3000. Still a tidy sum in those days.

1908 Sep 10. Discharged from RGA Reserves at the end of his contractual period - Bombardier

1911 census at Philanthropic Society's Farm School Reformatory (which was where he had served his original sentence for bicycle theft) , He has reverted to George Wm Gosling

1913 Sep 16. Attests to Surrey Yeomanry. He is a 34 year old Musical Conductor at Farm School Redhill. He had previously served in RGA. He was married. and now claimed his name as Marshall George Herbert again. He signs up for 4 years Territorial.

1915 Jan 18. Landed in France

1915 Oct 22. Commissioned in RGA

1916 Nov 25. MC Gazetted "2nd Lt. Marshall George Herbert, R.G.A., Spec. Res. For conspicuous gallantry. When a building containing bombs and torpedoes had become ignited by a shell, he called for volunteers, and with them worked for over an hour with shells falling all round extinguishing the fire and saving bombs. The party had barely withdrawn on completion of the work, when a number of torpedoes exploded. His own gallantry and that of his party saved many casualties among men and horses"

1917 Feb 10. 2nd Lt. (acting Lt.) M. G. Herbert, M.C., Spec. Res., to be acting Capt.

1917 Jun 4 . He officially changed his name by deed poll in June 1917 - He was stationed at Trowbridge, Wiltshire at the time.

MARSHALL GEORGE HERBERT , M.C. , Captain in His Majesty's Royal Garrison Artillery, now stationed at Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts , heretofore called and known by the name of George Herbert Gosling , hereby give notice, that by a deed poll bearing date the 21st day of May, 1917, duly executed , and attested and enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court Of Judicature, I formally assumed and adopted the name of Marshall in addition to the Christian name of George and absolutely renounced and abandoned the use of the said surname of Gosling , and declared that I should at all times thereafter upon all occasions whatsoever use and subscribe the Christian names of Marshall George and the surname of Herbert in lieu of the said surname of Gosling so abandoned as aforesaid.—Dated this 4th day of June, 1917. MARSHALL G. HERBER T (Capt. , R.G.A.)

1919 Oct 18. The undermentioned to be temp. Majs. whilst empld. as Senior Arty. Liaison Officers: — Lt. (temp. Capt.) M. G. Herbert, M.C., R.G.A. He would probably have been at battalion (or possibly brigade) HQ advising the senior infantry officer in artillery matters and acting as the first link in the chain of communication with the supporting batteries - a battalion or brigade staff officer

1920 May 25. Relinquishes his commission Lt. M. G. Herbert, M.C., and is granted the rank of Major.

He works in South Russia (see his obit at end of this page)

1921 Jun 1. Joined ADRIC with service no 2015. Posted to Depot Coy.

1921 Jul 5 Assistant Adjutant and promoted DI 3. HQ

1922 Jan 3. Promoted DI 2. Presumably part of demobilisation.

1922 Feb 1. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Jul 8 Died Reading. Suicide by inhaling Coal-gas whilst of unsound mind. Death Cert - Died at the Palais de Danse, West St, Reading Age: 45 Occupation: Major (rtd) and Company Director Inquest held: 10 Jul 1922 Coroner: J.L. Martin

Daily Mail 11 Jul 1922. Insanity was returned at the inquest held on his body Major Herbert ...' It is better to go out quietly than live in poverty disgrace and misery and ran a letter to his wife left by Major manager of the Palais de Danse who was found dead with his..It was stated that it had been decided that the Palais de Danse Company should go into voluntary liquidation and Major Herbert felt very keenly his failure to make the place a success

There was a letter of condolence from HG Docker to Herbert's widow



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