Staff Sgt. Major F E Higgins


Not enough clues with him. Register gives aged 55( ie born 1866), but this could well be an underestimate. The ADRIC wanted his expertise, so one assumes he had a special skill. "Staff Sergeant Major" only appears to have been used in Army Service Corps at this time. No regiment is given. My feeling was that he was Irish, but I cannot find anything in 1901 or 1911 censuses. I cannot find a MIC, but given his age, he was unlikely to have served overseas.

There is a Francis Edmund Higgins, a trooper in Kimberly Light Horse, in Boer War, but I cannot get any more on him.. There is a Francis Edmund Higgins born 1888 Larne, but that is too young

He was taken on to work in the Chief of Police's Office at the age of 55, which indicates that he probably was Irish, given his age . Accepted in Ireland

1866 Born

1921 Oct 29.  Accepted in Ireland Joined the Auxiliary Division as a Temporary Cadet, service no 2154. Posted to "F" Company.   A note says employed at C of P Office

1922 Jan 21 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC