Tom Maxwell Hodgson

A difficult man to track. Certainly the RIC record says "Sunderland" and dob and the RAF gives his date of birth. There is a "Tom Hodgson" born in Sunderland then. He seems to start using the "Tom Maxwell Hodgson "around 1920, and marries and dies as such. Even the RAF are confused, and put a note on his file about Tom Maxwell v Tom, but this is certainly him when you read the RAF notes.

Without certificates it is not possible to sort out his complicated married life. He certainly hed 4 or 5 liasons, how many he married is not possible to conclude.

1897 May 30 . Born Sunderland

1901census in Sunderland, Co Durham

1911 census at 42 Wellowgate, Grimsby

1914 Jan 8 . A junior Draftsman at Ingleby Electrical Engineers, Ellard Rd, Leeds

1914 Oct 20. Leaves Ingleby Elect Engineers

1918 Feb 23. Commissioned 2nd Lt (LG 12 /3/1918)

RAF Service Record

1918 Sept 23. 2nd Lt. Tom Hodgson (late Gen. List, R.F.C., on prob.) is confirmed in rank as 2nd Lt. (A).

1919 Oct 10 Transferred to unemployed list

1921 Sep 17 . Joined ADRIC with service no. 575 . Posted to Depot Coy.

1920 Dec 25. Promoted to 3 DI , presumably as part of a move to Ulster Specials as he is not demobilised in Jan 1922 by ADRIC

1921 Nov 22. Signed for another 6 months in ADRIC.

1922 Jul 14. At Special Constabulary Camp, Newtownards, Ulster.

1934 Jan 10. Faversham House Hotel, Hamilton Road, Ealing, London Registers a patent for Improvements in or relating to table signals for summoning attendants

1934 Jul/Sep Married in Hendon, M'sex to Mabel Dorothy Forster. She died 1958. On the certificate of marriage, Tom Hodgson is down as a 'widower'.

1935 Electoral roll at Lived at Kingswood, Milton Road with Dorothy Mabel Hodgson (wife)

1939 Living in Stafford with Mabel D Hodgson. Templeton Chase Road , Stafford R.D., Staffordshire, He is a Previously (Office Equipment) Sales Manager

1939 Olivia Mary Trevett is living Westmeinster alone but using surname Maxwell (Trevett)

1939 Oct 27. LG. 2nd Lt Tom Maxwell HODGSON (75255)

1945 May 2. Recieved DFC from King Thomas Maxwell Hodgson, Ft.Lt Indian Command . I am not sure that this is him, but if it were, then it would tie in with the reported marriage in India

1945 Married in India to Olivia Mary Trevett . She died in 1966. A number of trees have her as marrying in India, but I doubt that this marriage actually happened. She is using "Maxwell"

1948 Married in Warrington, Lancashire to Lilian Morland (one would need MC to see if it was him)

1966 Jun 8. Olivia Mary Maxwell dies - she is given as widow of Thomas Maxwell Hodgson , RAF NCO. But she herself is using "Maxwell" as she did in 1939

1954 Oct 19 Relinquishes commission in RAF Squadron Leader retaining rank of Wing Commander

1980 Feb 1. Married in Chippenham, Wilts to Lilian Anne Schofield (White)

1986 Nov 18 . Died in Chippenham, Wilts. Spent the end of his life in Westhill Nursing Home, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England. Died of: (1)(a) Uraemia, (b) Septicaemia, (c) Diabetes Mellitus Type II and (2) Congestive Heart Failure. Certified by J.G. Rycroft M.B.