Capt Frank William Hollingsworth, Gloucesters

1884 Apr 17. Born Watford, Herts. His father was "farmer, retired, widower" in 1881 census, so had remarried

1891 census at Hyde Lodge, Clarendon Road, Watford

1909 Nov 17. Supplementary List, Royal Field Artillery, Frank William Hollingsworth to be Second Lieutenant (on probation).

1910 Jan 7. 3rd Gloucs Reg. Special Reserve. Second Lieutenant (on probation) Frank W. Hollingsworth, from the Royal Field Artillery (Special Reserve), to be Second Lieutenant (on probation). Dated 7th January, 1910.

1911 Mar 24. Special Reserve. 3rd Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiim.ent, Second Lieutenant (on probation) Frank W. Hollingsworth is confirmed in his rank.

1911 census at Hyde Lodge, Watford, Herts (as on MIC)

1911 May 6. Promoted Lt

1912 Jun 14. Arrives UK from Malaya. He is a planter and travels 2nd class

1914 Mar 11. The Gloucestershire Regiment, Lieutenant Frank W. Hollingsworth resigns his commission.

1914 Sep 10 Re-established a commission as Lt

1916 Feb 2. Glouc. R.—Lt. F. W. Hollingsworth to be Capt.

RAF Record

1920 Jan 19. Serbian White Eagle gazetted, 5th class with swords.

1920 Apr 1. Glouc. R.—Capt. F. W. Hollingsworth relinquishes his commn., and retains the rank of Capt.

1921 Feb 11. Joins ADRIC with service no 1670. Posted to B Coy

1922 Jan 23 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register. Living at Coppice House Farm , Wycombe R.D., Buckinghamshire,. He is a retired army officer, Gloucs Regt. With wife Joan, who is the "farmer". I cannot find the marriage

1953 Oct/Dec Died Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire aged 69