John St John


I am not sure that I have the right man, but I am reseasonably sure on the grounds that the clues point to him being Irish. Plus the fact that nobody else in UK burdened their child with the name of either "John St. John" or "St.John John" . There are no sign of a St.John John or a John St.John in WO338. There was no "intake" to ADRIC on 15 April 1921, so his entry was different again pointing to Irish

He is not on Numeric Register

1880 Born

1921 Apr 15. Joined ADRIC as Assistant Paymaster at Depot Coy with service no 1923. No details of age, regiment.

1921 Apr 15 Appointed as Assistant Paymaster in U.D.R.S.C at £250 per year. He appears to have gone to Ulster Special Constabulary

1921 Nov 30. Struck off strength on ceasing to be employed as Paymaster.

1925 Dec 3. Died Dublin