Lt. Hammond Journeaux

There are 2 similar men here "Henry Hammond Lemprion Journeaux" born 1876 and "Hammond Journeaux" b1879. The problems with transcriptions of the censuses compounds the difficulties. They are brothers. The Irish Auxiliary is "Hammond Journeaux". He certainly was not in Grenadier Guards as claimed on ADRIC register

1879 Sep 30 Born Camden, London. Hammond Journeaux

1881 census living at 37 Montpellier Rd, St Pancras

1882 Jun 11. Born baptised


1891 census at 5 Dartmouth Park Rd, St Pancras

1901 census

1902 Dec 10. Married Laura Isabella Lindus in Southwark.

1911 census at 2 Grayham Road, New Malden. Labourer G P O Telephone. He has been married for 8 years.

1915 Feb 18 The Royal Warwickshire Regiment. 11th Battalion — The undermentioned to be temporary Lieutenants : Hammond Journeaux.

1915 Nov 22. Machine Gun Corps. be empld. with the Corps.Temp. Lt. H. Journeaux, from R. War. R., to be temp. Lt. 22 Nov. 1915, but with seniority from 18 Feb. 1915.

1916 Aug 29. Temp. Lt. H. Journeaux, from R. War: R., to be temp. but with seniority from 18 Feb. 1915

1917 Apr 13. Labour Corps.The undermentioned temp. Lts. to be temp. Lts. 13 Apr. 1917, retaining present seniority: H. Journeaux, from R. Berks. R.

1920 Aug 3. Joined ADRIC with service no. 83. Posted D Coy Galway

1920 Sep 3. Reverted to T/Cadet (odd entry as there is no prior promotion shown). But I think he went in as a Platoon Commander on this date

1921 Jan 7. Reverted to T/Cadet (a second odd entry as there is again no prior promotion shown)

1921 Mar 1. Admitted to Galway Hospital

1921 Apr 5 Posted to J Coy

1921 Jul 2 Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Jul 3 to Aug 1. Medical Leave

1921 Aug 16 Re-engaged for another contract with ADRIC

1921 Sep 17. Posted to A Coy

1922 Jan 18. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 on electoral roll at 2 Trinity Sq , Brixton (as on MIC) with wife Laura

1925 on electoral roll at 2 Trinity Sq , Brixton (as on MIC) with wife Laura

1921 Sep 14 Posted to A Coy

1933 census at 5 Charlottecote Grove , London SE26. 3 of their children are living with them

1939 He and his wife are at 30 Ashbourne Grove, Dulwich. He is a Traveller Tile Trade

1940 Apr 26. The undermentioned relinquish their rank on enlistment into the ranks of the Army: — Lt. H. Journeaux (late Labour Corps).

1944 Jul/Sep Died Camberwell London aged 64