Herbert Hollick Kenyon

1897 Apr 17. Born, Tottenham Court Rd. London (he puts 17 Apr 1894 on Canadian enlistment)

1901 census at 2, Connaught Street, Paddington

1909 Hollick-Kenyon emigrated to Ewing's Landing in the province of British Columbia with his family.

1914 Dec 8. Enlists in Canada for Canadian Exp Force. He is a rancher. Twice wounded in France, he was invalided home and in 1917 joined the Royal Flying Corps.

1917 Dec 18 Attests for RAF in Vancouver

RAF Record

1918 Jun 5. Commissioned 2nd Lt in RAF

1919 Jan 11. Obtains Aviators Cert 6831

1920 Nov 15 Joined ADRIC with service no. 1034. Posted to I Coy. Next of Kin Miss Manning, High St, Melksham, Wilts.

1920 Nov 27. Promoted Section Leader.

1921 Jul 18.Admitted to Stevens Hospital

1921 Jul 21. Discharged Stevens Hospital

1922 Jan 17. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1921 Nov 4 to Nov 20 on Leave

1922 Feb 28. Married Miss Manning

1922 May granted a Reserve Air Force commission as Flying Officer.

1928 Mar 18. The undermentioned Flying Officers resign their short service commissions:— Herbert HOLLICK-KENYON.

1928 Mar 17 He returned to Canada and, based in Manitoba, was staff pilot for a commercial airline.

1929. Hollick-Kenyon participated as a pilot during several search-and-rescue missions for polar expeditions which had gone missing. These missions included searching for the MacAlpine Expedition in 1929

1936 Jan 18 Rescued in the Antarctic .A major land area in Antarctica is now named the "Hollick-Kenyon Plateau" in his honour. Remarkably the plane was salvaged and is in the Smithsonia today. Although many international honours were showered on Ellsworth in the wake of the Antarctic adventure, Hollick- Kenyon was not entirely forgotten – one of his many honours was a knighthood, becoming Sir Herbert Hollick-Kenyon. A successful polar crossing was not repeated until 1956. The combined achievement of Lincoln Ellsworth and Herbert Hollick-Kenyon is properly recorded as one of the greatest flights in early aviation history.

1937 Aug 19. More Artic flying

The Kenyon Field Airport was completed as a civilian airfield and officially opened on June 7, 1939. Named after Air Commodore Herbert Hollick-Kenyon, it was to be an important link in Trans-Canada Airlines plans.

1942 Jan 19. Flys into USA from Canada for 2 days business.

1942. He flew for Trans-Canada Airlines until 1942, when he joined Canadian Pacific Airlines, becoming CPA's first chief pilot.

1962. He retired from Canadian Pacific

1973 He was named to Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame in 1973.

It was also reported that at one point Hollick-Kenyon also operated a motel in British Columbia where few, if any, travellers knew of his adventures.

1975 Jul 30 Died in Vancouver, Canada