Capt John Henry Lee DSO

I am not altogether convinced that I have the right man, but the census of 1911 shows it the most probable. Only John H Lee of correct age in London with a DSO. No details in DSO book

1894 Born (deduced from 1924 Fraud case) . Baptised April 1894.

1901 census Living at Fulham with his parents

1911 census at 31 Tournay Rd, Fulham

1915 Mar 11. Landed in France

1915 Nov 4. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Royal Fusiliers

1916 Sep 9. DSO awarded for bravery at Bazentin-le-Grand, Gazetted 4 Nov 1916 With Kings Royal Rifles. WO338 shows him as being attached, and original commission in R Fusiliers

Temp. 2nd Lt. John Henry Lee, K.R.R.C. For conspicuous gallantry in action . Although wounded he assumed command and led his company with the greatest courage and determination. Later, again being wounded, he remained on duty, establishing connection with neighbouring units, and consolidating ground won

1921 Oct 19 Gazetted out Lt but allowed the rank of Capt.

1921 Nov 8 Joined ADRIC with service no 2165. Posted to N Coy

1922 Jan Appears to have been serving in Jan 1922 on demobilisation of ADRIC

1924 Jan 29. Capt. J. H. Lee, D.S.O., late K.R.R.C., having been convicted by the Civil Power, is deprived of the rank of Capt. He got 15 months in gaol for his part in the fraud. Another article does say Lee had DSO


WO 339/47550 The cryptic entry on his MIC refers to his officer file no.