Flying Officer Alexander Lewis


1899 Jul 16. Born Gloucestershire.

1901 in Bristol, Gloucs

1911 census at 5 Melrose Terrace, Forest Rd, Fishponds, Bristol

1915 Oct 22 asa Draftsman/Aero engineer at Brazil Stroker, Bristol

1917 Nov 2. Left Brazil Stroker

1918 Feb 2. The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.). Alexander Lewis.

RAF Record

1920 Aug 13 Joined ADRIC with service no 227. Posted to C Coy

1921 Jan 1. Promoted Section Leader (I think it says Transport) The leave book has him as "Hon DI3"as does numeric register. I assume the Section Leader in charge of Coy Transport as an Hon DI3)

1921 May 7 to 8 May on Leave

1921 Jun 24 On a raid with C Coy

1921 Jul 29 to 28 Aug on Leave

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 28. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Sergeant

1924 Jul 24. Leaves UK for Canada. Intending to live in Canada. An air pilot. Roman Catholic

1927 Jun 25 Married

1928 Oct 11. Arrives in UK from Canada. An Air pilot , travels with wife Jeanette. Lives in Canada

1929 Apr 26 Leaves UK for Canada . RAF travels with wife Jeanette.

1935 Mar 5. Arrives in UK from New York. He is a Fl.Lt in RCAF

1942 Feb 11. Leaves UK for Bermuda. He is a Wing Commander living in Canada.

1942 May. The increase in bombing missions in Europe caused the demand for air observers to grow in 1941, and 2 ANS was formed at Pennfield Ridge, New Brunswick in July of that year. The two schools operated separately for a year before their amalgamation into the Central Navigation School (CNS). The decision to merge the schools was made for economic reasons, as well as the belief that meteorological conditions in Manitoba were preferable for celestial navigation training. No. 2 ANS moved to Rivers in May 1942, and 1 CNS was created under the command of Group Captain A. Lewis. In July of 1942, the staff at 1 CNS consisted of 103 officers, 1932 airmen, and 248 civilians, with an additional 90 officers and 595 airmen as students. They operated 118 Avro Ansons and one Stinson HW-75 aircraft

1945 Jan 4. Group Captain RCAF awarded AFC

1952 Aug 3. Arrives in UK from Boston. He is retired and travels with his wife Jeanette

1952 Nov 19. Leaves UK for Canada with wife Jeanette. They live in Vancouver, Canada.

1962 Oct. In the press as Civil Defence Co-ordinator in Vancouver