William Michael Longhurst KRRC

He seems to have been born "William Michael", but just used "William " through most of his life. Certainly RIC records put him in KRRC and this is the only MIC, but the actual LG entry is just for "William"

1892 Apr/Jun Born Hambledon, Surrey as William Michael Longhurst

1901 census at 3, Park Gate, The Common, Cranley, Cranleigh

1911 census at 3 Parkgate Cottages Cranleigh, Surrey

1918 Jul/Sep Married in Oxford to Esther M P Whitman

1918 May 31. Gazetted 2nd Lt in KRRC, William Longhurst

1920 Aug 31 Joined ADRIC with service no 435. Posted to K Coy

1920 Dec 11. The best known reprisal in Ireland by the Auxiliary Division was the burning of Cork. At 7:30 p.m. that evening, a truckload of Auxiliaries from newly-formed K Company was ambushed at Dillons Cross: a grenade was thrown onto their truck, wounding ten Auxiliaries and killing one, T/Cadet Chapman. Later that night, police and Auxiliaries took revenge by setting fire to the city's commercial centre, preventing the fire service from attending the blaze, and shooting seven people. W Longhurst was on the patrol that was ambushed. His record shows he was wounded then and discharged medically unfit as a result

1920 Dec 11. Admitted Military Hospital, Cork. Wounded at Dillons Cross

1921 Mar 19. Discharged medically unfit due to Dillon Cross wounds

1921 Oct 10 Regular Army Reserve of Officers. K.R.R.C.—2nd Lt. W. Longhurst to be Lt. 10th Oct. 1921

1921 Mar 28. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, Captain Charles Amyas Orchard and William Longhurst, carrying on business as Tile Kerb Manufacturers, at 71 and 7lA, Dalberg-road, Brixton, Surrey, under the style or firm of " THE SURREY TILE KERB COMPANY;" has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the first day of April, 1921. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said William Longhurst.

1923 Jan 30. Bankruptcy Receiving Order. William Michael Longhurst, and Horace Alec Lionel Frederick Whitman, 202 Cowley Road, Oxford, and carrying on business in partnership at. Circus Street, Cowley Road, Oxford, as Whitman Sons, grocers and confectioners. This same address as on MIC

1924 Nov 6. 2nd Lt. W. Longhurst, late K.R.R.C., Serv. Bns., on enlistment in the ranks, relinquishes the rank of 2nd Lt.

1938 Apr 13. W. Longhurst, late K.R.R.C., Serv. Bns., on completion of a period of serv. in the ranks, is granted the rank of 2nd Lt.

1939 Living in Oxford with Esther M Longhurst. At 362 Iffley Road , Oxford C.B., Oxfordshire, He is an Electrical Engineer

1956 Jul/Sep Died Oxford aged 68