Robert Rotheram Macrory

4 June 1929

Nothing on WO338, no MIC. He was not an officer in WW1, so had to have had a special entry into the ADRIC

1901 Jun 22. Born Dublin . His father is a barrister

1901 census His parents are at Longford Terrace, Kingstown

1911 census His father is alone at home in Dublin. 7 Fitzwilliam Square East , Dublin. I cannot find him nor his mother.

1921 Jan 20 Joined ADRIC with service no 1575. He had "no papers" Is noted as an "Hon 3rd DI". Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Jan 24. . Promoted 3DI

1921 Feb 17. Posted to K Coy. Reverted to T/Cadet.

1921 Mar 13. Posted to O Coy.

1921 Apr 9. Resigned

My grandfather moved to Africa - returning when he'd drunk his way through his substantial funds he'd been given to go.

1926 Dec 26. Arrives UK from Kilindini, Kenya where he has been living as a Farm Manager. Travels 3rd class

1929 Jun 4. Married to Theodora E Maccabee-Coghlan


1939 Register. He is an Advertising Agents Clerk. Living at Bishopgate Institute,ARP Depot , City of London

1939 Oct 15. Commissioned 2nd Lt North'n R.. Robert Rotheram MACRORY (102729) As there is no rank before his name, I assume he was never commissioned in WW1

1941 Jul 25. North'n R. Lt. R. R. MacRory (102729) resigns his commn.

My grandfather first became a painter and decorator (business best looked for in pubs) and later a schoolmaster at unremarkable prep schools for the rest of his life.

1954 Aug 25. Hurt while a schoolmaster. at Wincanton

1970 Aug 22. Died Sheffield

 He died from a heart attack in the Royal Infirmary Doncaster and was placed in a pauper's grave.  His wife was found dead (clearly suicide though not confirmed) about three weeks later.