(Columban) Colin Matson MC, RDF

The register shows A Matson and RDF and MC. However the only MC in RDF is to Colin Marson, and he is only RDF Matson in WO338.

1890 Born Milford on Sea, Hampshire.Son of Rev Robert Matson and Mary Brown

1891 census at Ellaland School, Rookcliff Road, Milford. His father is schoolmaster and clerk in holy orders. Young Colin has not been named and is "under 6 months"

1901 census at 14& 16, Cantelupe Road, East Grinstead. We see now that the boy's name actually is "columban", which he must have shortened to "Colin" when he enlisted later in the Guards

1908 he is teaching in his father's school

This picture of the boys' gymnastics class at Matson's Preparatory Modern School, East Grinstead was taken by the photographer Ernest Watts in about 1908. The Preparatory Modern School was established in 1894 at East Grinstead's Cantelupe Road by the Reverend R. B. Matson. Robert Bidwell Matson was the curate at the local parish church and Headmaster of the school. Rev. Matson employed his own children at the school. Miss Eulalie Karin Matson (born 1889, Worthing), the headmaster's daughter taught the younger boys. The young man standing on the left is believed to be Columban Matson (born 1891, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire). At a later date, another of Rev. Matson's sons, Osmond Matson (born 1893, East Grinstead), taught the junior boys at the school. Rev. Matson was hoping to attract members of the gentry to his school, but the majority of the pupils were described as "tradesmen's sons". Rev. Matson was heard to complain "I'm expected to take tradesmen's sons and make gentlemen of them! "

1911 census at 419 London Road Reading, where he is an Articled Clerk and had moved away from his father's preparatory school

1914 Oct 19 Lands in France with Grenadier Guards

1915 Dec 22. The Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Second Lieutenant C. Matson is seconded for duty with a Brigade Machine Gun Company.

1916 Nov 23. Promoted Lt.

1917 Jun 4. MC gazetted. Lt. Colin Matson, R. Dub. Fus.

1918 Feb 22. The undermentioned to be Adjts , and to be actg ,Capts , with pay and allces of Lts , while so empld. — Lt C Matson, M C (R Dub Fus )

1918 Jun 17. Machine Gun Corps. Lt. C. Matson, M.C. (R. Dub. Fus.) from actg. Capt. and Adjt. .to be actg. Capt. while 2nd in comd. of a Co.

1918 Jun 28. Machine Gun Corps. The undermentioned Lts. (actg. Capts.) to be actg. Majs. while comdg. a Co.: — C. Matson, M.C. (R. Dub. Fus.).

1919 Apr 3. Investiture for MC in Buckingham Palace.

1920 Dec 29 Joined ADRIC with service no 1385. J Coy

1921 Feb 13. The local IRA mounted an attack on the auxiliaries using the Billiard Room on the ground floor of the Macroom Town Hall. IRA men John Crowley, Jimmy Murphy, Dennis Kelleher were the men attacking. They threw 2 bombs through the window and opened fire. They wounded 3 Auxiliaries. From the compensation claims the wounded were T/C Harvey Kemp £600, T/C Jennings £200, T/C Matson £150,. He got a leg wound from a bomb splinter.

1921 Feb 22 to 28 Feb. In Hospital

1921 Sep 30 to 5 Oct . In Cork Military Hospital

1922 Jan 23. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Apr 15. R. D. Fus. — Lt. C. Matson, M.C., is restd. to the estabt.

1922 Oct 4. Gloster. R.—The undermentioned Lts., from R.D. Fus., to be Lts. : — C. Matson, M.C., with seniority 24th June 1916.

1925 May 1. Gloster Regt. The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. — C. Matson, M.C.

1928 Jan 9 Engagement announced to Dorothy Cockburn Hyde.

1929 Jan/Mar Married Dorothy Hyde in Burnley

1930 Jul 23. Gloster R.—Maj. C. Matson, M.C. (Capt., ret. pay), to be Maj., 20th Mar. 1930, with seniority 23rd July 1929

1930 Mar 20. Gloster R.—Capt. C. Matson, M.C., retires on ret. pay, and is granted the rank of Maj.

1931 Son David Earle Matson born. He served in 1952 with the Gloucestershire Regiment and died in 2004 in an auto accident in France.

1940 Feb 14 Capt to be Brev. Major C .Matson M.C, Gloucester Regt

1939 Register Living at New Pond Farm , Hailsham R.D., Sussex,

1940 Feb 14. The undermentioned cease to belong to the Res. of Off. on account of ill-health. :— Gloster R. Maj. C. Matson, M.C. (3839).

1959 Oct 23 Puts his house up for sale

1966 Feb 1. Died at Winchester