Capt & QM. John McDonald, MC , QSA

The MIC you include is indeed that of my grandfather but he was born in 1878 in India, not 1877 in Middlesex.

1877 Feb 9 Born in Middlesex (in RIC Register). There is a British India Office Birth registered for Muttra, 1877, where father is in 10th Hussars. His obit says that he was born in India and his father was in 10th Hussars. He appears to have lied on place, but not date, of birth

The 10th Hussars embarked on board the troopship Jumna on the 10th of january 1873. They went through the Suez Canal (that had been opened a mere 4 years before) to disembark in Bombay.They then reached Muttra where the regiment stayed until 1878. The 10th Hussars was then despatched to Afghanistan to serve in the Second Afghan War.In 1879 they came back to India - and shifted to Lucknow in Bengal in 1881.In 6th of February 1884 they boarded again the Jumna in Bombay - and are said to have expressed considerable enthusiasm at boarding the very same ship. Their ship was diverted following the events in Egypt and the 10th disembarked at Suakim.

1891 census in UK.

1905 He married Mary Dorette Sophie Flora McDonald (or possibly MacDonald) at a Catholic Church in Kensington High St. They had 5 children born The Curragh 1908, Guildford 1909 and 1911, Preston (Lancashire) 1912 and Blackburn 1913

1911 census he was living at Inkerman Barracks, Knaphill, Woking. A married Colour Sgt, East Lancs Regt. Born India

1914. He served 21 years as a regular up to July1914, was discharged  as a colour sergeant and was then re-engaged in November as an "Honorary Lt" for the duration of the war, ending up as a Captain/QM.

1914 Nov 14. 4th Battalion, The East Lancashire Regiment; Acting Serjeant-Major John McDonald to be Quartermaster, with the honorary rank of Lieutenant. Dated 14th November, 1914

1918 Mar. MC awared during the retreat at Amiens

1920 Sep 12 .Joined ADRIC . Posted to Depot Coy

1920 Oct 17. Promoted Section Leader

1920 Dec 26 . The incident for which he wsa tried by FGCM on 26 Jan 1921.

1920 Dec 28 Reverts to T/Cadet

1921 Jan 26. Tried by FGCM with CA Bonar

1921 Jan 28 Permitted to resign. Fairly clearly as a result of the FGCM.

The MIC address is that of his brother and sister.

1939 Register. Living at 13 Hinton Street , Burnley C.B., Lancashire,. He is a retired Motor Driver Owner. Widowed. Served 21 years as a Regular in E Lancs. He gives his birth as 9 Feb 1877

1950 Jul. He died as a pensioner at Chelsea Hospital