Capt John McFarland, DCM

1892 Feb 28 (RIC) in Co Leitrim, but there are no suitable Leitrim births for years around this date, nor anything in census

1914 Aug 16 Landed in France. So a pre-war regular

1916 Jun 21. DCM Gazetted

1916 Nov 6 Commissioned 2nd Lt. in R.. Innis. Fus.—Serjt. John McFarland, from Mach. Gun Corps.

1918 Sep 1. To be Acting Capt while commanding a section.Lt. J. McFarland, D.C.M. (R. Innis. Fus.).

1919 Jun 1. Tank Corps. Lt. J. McFarland, D.C.M. (R. Innis. Fus.), relinquishes the actg.. rank of'Capt.

1920 Sep 13. R. Innis. Fus.— Lt. J. McFarland, D.C.M., retires, receiving a gratuity, granted the rank of Capt.

1920 Jun 18. Joined RIC as a Constable

1920 Aug 6. Joined ADRIC with service no 140. Form 3 at Depot Transfer. Posted to Depot Coy

1920 Sep 4. Promoted DI2

1920 Nov 10. Permanent Cadet transferred to RIC as DI3

1922 Mar 29 Pensioned from RIC

1922 Mar 30. Joined Palestine Police as a Captain in the British Gendarmerie section

1925 Oct 10. He applies for medals from South Africa.

1939 Sep 21. Inniskilling Fus.—The undermentioned, having attained the age limit of liability to recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off.:— Capt. J. McFarland, D.C.M. (162979).

1940 Jun 13. Inniskilling Fus.. Ret. Off. re-empld. Capt. J. McFarland, D.C.M. (135276), ret. (late Inniskilling Fus.), at his own request, reverts to the rank of Lt. whilst empld. during the present emergency.

1940 Sep 13. Lt. J. McFarland, D.C.M. (135276), ret. (late Inniskiling Fus) is restored to the rank of Capt.