Clifford Henry McLaglen, RASC

He was the brother of several actors including Victor McLaglen, Oscar winner for best actor, The Informer (director John Ford), and nominated for best supporting actor The Quiet Man. The other brothers were Leopold McLaglen, wrestler and inventor of a form of Jiu Jitsu which he taught to the armed forces and police in the old Empire and America; Lewis McLaglen actor and solder; Cyril McLaglen actor and horseman; Arthur Actor and unarmed combat professional, and sculptor; Kenneth McLaglen Actor and mineralogist; sister Lily Marian McLaglen (Mrs Lance Tweedy) actress Singer and pianist).

1892 Jun 15 Born Clifford Hendrick McLagen in Stepney, London. His father was born in Cape Town and came to London to study as Clerk in Orders, eventually becoming Titular Bishop of Claremont in Cape Town but foregoing this to help with the work he dedicated to the helping of poverty stricken children in London and beggars

1891 census

1901 census. I cannot get them

1911 census at Roma House Chiswick High Road W

Clifford worked in a tin mine in Cornwall before joining up in 1914.

1914 Nov 9. Lands in France

1915 Mar 8 Commissioned Clifford Henry McLaglen

1916 May 1. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts.: — C H McLaglen

1921 Jun 1. Joined ADRIC with service no 2018. Posted to Q Coy

1922 Jan 14. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

He worked for Sangers Circus riding horses and doing rope tricks and worked in vaudeville with his various brothers.

He starred in many silent films in Britain, in "Boadicea" (where he rode Roman style learnt in the army and Circus); France and Germany, making the reputedly first German Talkie with Conrad Veidt, "Bride 68" or "Das Land Ohne Frauen" set in Australia with camels and the desert but all filmed in a Berlin studio with a tank of water spilling from overhead and an aeroplane propeller. Clifford also filmed in Majorca,in "Die Schmugglerbraut von Sorrento" ( various versions changed Majorca to Sorrento), bringing over horses with him, which he said were sea sick. The film was made in Majorca but meant to be Sorrento. Cavalcanti made two prize winning films in France with Clifford McLaglen: "Yvette" and "Rien Que Les Heures". He made a few talkies and was on the stage in America, on Broadway with Frederick Marche's wife Florence Edridge. He was going to make a film called "Ropes of Sand" but nothing came of it. He is in a silent film "The Three Kings"

1930 Feb 10 Playing at Gloucester. He appeared as "McLagen"

1930 Aug 8. Leaves UK for New York. 24 Elmbourne Rd, London SW1. An Artist intending to live in USA. Travels alone

1936 Jan 13. Arrives in UK from South Africa. An Actor with a Cheyne Walk address.

1940 Jan 18. Commissioned Lt. Clifford Henry McLAGLEN (115536), late R.A.S.C.

1942 Apr 7. RAOC. Admin Branch. Lt C. H. McLaglen (115536), from R.AS.C- to be Lt. retaining his present seniority.

He also served in the Second World War going out to Iceland to help guard Sir Winston Churchill for which he obtained a bulldog and polar bear badge. He also was part of a film unit at that time in the Army

1942 Jan/Mar Married in Edmonton to Katharine H Von Zitzewitz (nee Marjoribanks )

1947 Jul 22. Leaves UK for Mombassa. Ewelme Manor, Oxford. Living in Kenya, Actor

1978 Sep 7. Died Huddersfield of Degenerative disease. Place of Burial: City of Edinburgh, Scotland