Lt Murdo McLeod


WO338 gives Murdo Macleod as a Lt in Cameron Highlanders. So he was an officer. But too common a name and only 1 Christian name. The medal card on TNA has not made it to Ancestry. A newspaper report about his compensation claim says he was 14 years a soldier, and from North of Scotland

There is a MIC, but it has not got to Ancestry. Medal card of McLeod, Murdo . Cameron Highlanders 8328 Serjeant: Cameron Highlanders Second Lieutenant

1890 Mar 6. Born in Ross, Scotland (RIC). There are only 2 births as Murdo McLeod in Ross in 1890. One in Feb and this in March, but Mar 6 not Mar 14 as on RIC record. There is also a Murdo John McLeod born 30 March , but died 1915. His father Malcolm was b1837 and re-married in 1877 to Janet who was only 19

1907 Enlisted

1918 Jun 14 Cameron Highlanders. —Act. Co.Qr.Mr.Sjt . Murdo McLeod .(sic)

1920 Jun 11. Joined the RIC as a constable, moved on to be a Temp Cadet

1920 Aug 5. Joined ADRIC with service no 139. Posted to A Coy. Section Leader.

1921 Jan 1. Promoted Platoon Commander.

1921 Apr 21. His car fell into a trench. He was with F.White He was awarded £750 compensation. SG Williams was also there

Commentry and photo from FF Kitching

1921 Jun 4 Posted to Depot Coy. Reverts to T/Cadet

1921 Jun 11 to 17 Jun on Leave

1921 Jun 25. Posted to G Coy

1921 Jul 28 to 26 Aug on Leave

1921 Sep 10. Struck off strength, Deserter

1922 Apr 28. Reserve of officers, I.W. & D. Transport.—Lt. M. MacLeod, late Gen. List, to be Lt. 28th Apr. 1922, with seniority 9th Sept. 1921