William Michael Moore

1894 Apr 14. Born Dublin (RIC on enlisting)

1901 census at 130 Leeson Park,Rathmines & Rathgar East, Dublin

1911 census I cannot find him. His mother and sister are at home, and his father is in Donegal as a "boarder", but still a solicitor. He himself was a solicitors apprentice at the outbreak of war. And the man wounded at Dillons Cross in 1920 was reported to be a pre-war solicitor's clerk in Dublin

1918 May 12. Presumed date of commission

1919 Nov 12, R. Ir. Fus.—Lt. William Michael Moore, late Serv. Bn., to be Lt. 6th Oct. 1921, with seniority 14th Nov. 1919.

1920 Nov 28 Joined ADRIC with service no 1113.

1920 Dec 11. In K Company when the burning of Cork and the grenade attack on K Coy tender took place at Dillons Cross He was wounded and sought compensation and received £500 for his wounds. Admitted to Hospital in Cork

1921 Mar 26 Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Apr 1. Resigned from ADRIC

1921 Oct 11. R. Ir. Fus. Relinquishes his commission . Temp. Lt., and. retain the Tank of Lt. : — W. M. Moore.

1947 Mar 8. This is almost certainly him. the day and month of birth are correct, and he may have altered the year in order to be 5 years younger and accepted for service. The cause of death was illness